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MasterVocab 201-250

SAT words

coda passage that completes a piece of music
coddle treat with care and tenderness
coerce compel to force to make obedient
coeval with of the same period; coexisting
cogent strong; convincing
cogitate think deeply; mediate
cognizant being fully aware of
collusion secret agreement for a deceitful purpose
combustion process of burning
comely attractive
commemorate keep the memory of
commodious having plenty of space for what is needed
commuter person who travels regularly
complaisance tending to comply; obliging willingness to please
compunction feeling of regret for one's action
conceal hide; keep secret
conceited having an excessively high opinion of oneself
conciliatory reconciling; soothing; comforting; mollifying
concomitant accompanying
concord agreement or harmony
concur agree in opinion; happen together
condense increase in density, strength; make laconic
condone forgive , excuse
congeal make or become stiff and solid
congenital existing from birth; inherent
conjoin to join together
connoisseur a person with good judgement (e.g., in art)
connotation suggestion in addition to
console give comfort or sympathy to
conspicuous easily seen; remarkable
consternation surprise and fear; dismay
constrain compel
constrict make tight or smaller
consume get to the end of
consummate perfect; make perfect, complete
contemn to scorn or despise
contentious argumentative; quarrelsome
contiguous touching; neighboring
contrite filled with deep sorrow for wrongdoing
contumacious insubordinate; rebellious
conundrum a riddle; dilemma; enigma
convalesce to recover health gradually after sickness
conviction of firm belief
convivial fond of feasting, drinking, and good company
convoke call together; summon
convoluted coiled; twisted
cordial warm and sincere
cordon line (of police acting as a guard)
cornucopia abundant supply
corporeal physical of or for the body
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