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MasterVocab 151-200

SAT words

burgeon grow forth; send out buds
burnish to polish, rub to a shine
cabal a scheme or plot; a group of plotters
cacophony harsh sound
cadence rhythmic modulation of sound
cadge to beg; to get by begging
cajole use flattery or deceit; to persuade
calumny slander; aspersion
candid frank; straight-forward
cant insincere talk
cantankerous bad-tempered; quarrelsome
canvass discuss thoroughly; sort of touting
captious critical
carouse to drink alcohol freely
carp to find fault or complain querulously
carte blanche full discretionary power
castigation severe punishment
catalyst substance that causes speeding up
catatonic immobile
catholic comprehensive; universal
caustic biting; sarcastic
cavil at to raise trivial and frivolous objection
cede/cession to surrender possession of, especially by treaty
celerity rapidity of motion or action
censure expression of blame or disapproval a rebuke
centurion leader of a unit of 100 soldiers
chaff to tease good-naturedly
charlatan quack or fraud
chary (of) cautious; wary
chastisement punishment
chauvinist a blindly devoted patriot
chicanery legal trickery; false argument
chimera illusion or fabrication of the mind
chisel steel tool for shaping materials
chivy to tease or annoy with persistent petty attacks
choleric irritable; bad-tempered
chromatic of color
churl bad-tempered person
chutzpah nerve; gall
circumscribe to draw line around; to limit
clamor shout; complain with a lot of noise
clerical of the clergy or clerk
clientele customers
clinch come to grips; settle conclusively
cling to resist separation
clot half-solid lump formed from liquid
cloture closing device (in Parliament) to end a debate by voting
coagulation change to a thick and solid state
coalescing coming together and uniting into one substance
coax get smb to do smth by kindness
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