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SAT 1-50


abate to lessen; to subside
abdication giving up control, authority
aberration straying away from what is normal
abeyance suspended action
abhor to hate; to detest
abide (by) be faithful; to endure
abjure promise or swear to give up
ablution washing
abnegation self-denial
abrogate repeal or annul by authority
abscond to go away suddenly (to avoid arrest)
abstemious restraint, especially of food and alcohol
abstruse difficult to comprehend; obscure
abut on, against border on
abysmal bottomless; extreme
acarpous effete; no longer fertile; worn out
acclaimed welcomed with shouts and approval
accolade praise; approval
accretion the growing of separate things into one
adamant kind of stone; inflexible
addle to become rotten; to become confused
adduce to offer as example, reason or proof
adjudicate on, in to settle judicially
adjunct to something added; assistant
adjure to beg
admonitory containing warning
adorn with add beauty; decorate
adulteration making unpure, poorer in quality
adumbrate to suggest or hint; overshadow
adventitious coming from another source and not innate
affable polite and friendly
affinity for, with close connection relationship
aggravate make worse; irritate
agile active; quick-moving
agnostic non-committal
agog eager; excited
ail trouble; be ill
alacrity eager and cheerful readiness
alcove recess; partially enclosed place
allegiance duty; support; loyalty
alleviate make (pain) easier to bear
alloy to debase by mixing with something inferior
aloof reserved; indifferent
altercate to dispute angrily or noisily
amalgamate with mix, combine, unite societies
ambidextrous use left or right hand equally well
ambiguous doubtful; uncertain
ambivalent having both of two contrary meanings
amble leisurely walk
ameliorate improve; make better
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