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Marine Corps

People of the Marine Corps

Who was the first Marine corps aviator? A. A. Cunningham, in 1912
Who was the first woman Marine? Opha M. Johnson, on August 13, 1918
Who was the first Marine helo pilot to receive the Medal of Honor? Major Stephen Pless
Who was the first Marine pilot to shoot down an enemy plane? 1st Lt. E. S. Brewer
Who was the first female Marine Warrant Officer? CWO Ruth L. Wood
Who was the first Marine Officer to die in battle? Captain John Fitzpatrick
Which Marine served the longest term as Commandant? How long? Archibald Henderson, 38 years
On Feb. 20, 1962, one of the Marine Corps' finest pilots manned the first capsule to orbit the earth. Who was it? Lieutenant Colonel John H. Glenn
Who took the picture of the flag raising on Mt. Suribachi? Joe Rosenthal
Who was the first Commandant of the Marine Corps appointed by the President? William Ward Burrows
Who is known as "The Grand Old Man" of the Marine Corps? Brigadier General Archibald Henderson
Who were the first two black Marines to enlist in the Marine Corps? Alfred Masters and George Thompson
Who is the most decorated Marine in Marine Corps history? Lieutenant General Louis "Chesty" Puller
Who was known as Manilla John? John Basilone
Who are the United States Marines direct descendants of? The British Royal Marines
Who was the only Marine relieved of the office as Commandant as a result of a court-martial? Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Gale
Who was the first Marine to win the Medal of Honor? Corporal John Mackey
Who was the first Marine to loop a Seaplane? Major Francis Evans
Who the first Marine to lead an Army division into battle? General John A. Lejeune
Who was the first black Marine Officer? Frederick Branch
Who was the first Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps? Sergeant Major Wilbur Bestwick
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