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Northern Ireland

Major players in Northern Ireland Troubles

To his followers he is regarded as the greatest Republican Leader Gerry Adams
To the Unionists he is at best an apologist for IRA gunmen Gerry Adams
Has strong links to the IRA, but has never been convicted Gerry Adams
Leader of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams
Helped to develop the IRA ceasefire in 1994 Gerry Adams
Driving force behind significant attempts to resolve Northern Ireland Problem John Hume
Began within the Civil Rights Movement John Hume
Leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party John Hume
Began talks between SDLP and Sinn Fein John Hume
Opponant to violent action John Hume
Awarded Nobel Peace prize in 1998 John Hume
Labelled as IRA member by Unionists before admission Martin McGuiness
Convicted of IRA membership Martin McGuiness
Northern Ireland Education Minister 1999 Martin McGuiness
Turned to Republicanism following 1960's Governments repression of Nationalists Martin McGuiness
Sinn Feins chief negotiator in Good Friday Agreement Martin McGuiness
Linkman between de-commisioning and IRA Martin McGuiness
Major player in Sinn Fein Martin McGuiness
Main Unionist (extreme) political leader Ian Paisley
Religous and political roles interlinked Ian Paisley
Resisted any movement to include Republic in Northern Ireland Ian Paisley
Feicely opposed to Sinn Fein Ian Paisley
Political wing of IRA Sinn Fein
Devoted to establishment of united Ireland Sinn Fein
Strong supporters of Good Friday Agreement Sinn Fein
Grown in power following 1980's Sinn Fein
Belives in de-commisioning IRA Sinn Fein
Largest Nationalist party in Northern Ireland Sinn Fein
Non-sectarian and moatly Liberal Alliance Party
Strong supporters of Good Friday agreement Alliance Party
Sought both Catholic and Unionsit moderates Alliance Party
Most hardline of the Unionist parties DUP
Opposed to Sunningdale DUP
Led by Ian Paisley DUP
Anti-Catholic DUP
Strong opposition to Good Friday Agreement DUP
Largest Nationalist Party in Northern Irealnd during troubles SDLP
Resolutly non-violent SDLP
Just left of centre SDLP
Party maintaining link between UK and Northern Ireland UUP
Split over civil rights demands UUP
Damaged by introduction of direct rule UUP
Main party involved in Good Friday agreemant UUP
Relatively small Republican Paramilitary group INLA
Generally works alongside other groups INLA
Main Republican paramilitary group IRA
Militant brach of IRA PIRA
Socialist branch of IRA OIRA
Agrees only with some aspects of Good Friday agreement IRA
Main Unionist Paramilitaries UFF
Umbrella group for loyalist groups UFF
Group opposed to reforms in early 1960's UVF
Created by: Kayla1988