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general test wk3

general surgery test week 3

cervic/o cervix
chori/o or chorion/o chorion
copl/o or vagin/o vagina
culd/o cul-de-sac
episi/o or vulv/o vulva
galact/o or lact/o milk
hyster/o or metr/o or metri/o or uter/o uterus
mamm/o or mast/o breast
men/o menstration
oophor/o or ovari/o ovary
-rrhea discharge
dys- painful
endo- within
in- in
intra- within
retro- backward
o/o or ov/o or ovul/o egg
study of a newborn neonatology
hormone that stimulates the uterus to comtract oxytocin
secretion of milk lactation
removal of the entire uterus total hysterectomy
inflammation of the neck of the uterus cervicitis
outer most membrane surrounding the fetus chorion
removal of both fallopian tubes and both ovaries bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
inflammation of the external female genitalia and vagina vulvovaginitis
needle puncture to remove fluid from cul-de-sac culdocentesis
amenorrhea no menstral flow
dysmenorrhea painful menstral flow
leukorrhea white discharge
metrorrhagia bleeding from the uterus
pysalpinx pus in fallopian tube
dyspareunia painful sexual intercourse
menometorrhagia heavy bleeding during and between periods
oligomenorrhea scanty menstral flow
parturition giving birth
menopause gradual end of menstral cycle
menarche beginning of the 1st menstral cycle
ovulation release of the ovum from the ovary into the fallopian tube
gestation pregnancy
anovulatory no ovulation
dialation widening
nulliparous woman who has never given birth
ooporitis inflammation of the ovaries
cervicitis inflammation of the cervix; usually due to chlamydia
cis carcinoma insitu
cx cervix
primip primipara
ob obsterics
condition of female breasts in a male gynecomastia
tube above each testis; carries and stores sperm epididymis
tube carrying sperm fromt he epididymis toward the urethra vas deferens
pair of sacs; secrete fluid into ejaculatory ducts seminal vesicles
castration orchiectomy
semen analysis test of fertility
ejaculation ejection of sperm and fluid from thr urethra
purulent pus-filled
vasectomy removal of a piece of vas deferens
circumcision removal of the prepuce
ligation to tie off or bind
cryosurgery destruction of tissue by freezing
psa prostate-specific antigen
bph benign prostate hypertorphy
turp transurethra resection of the prostate
trus transrectal ultrasound
dre digital rectal exam
hsv herpes simplex virus
-stasis to stop
-sclerosis hardening
-stenosis narrowing
-cele hernia
-rrhagia bursting forth
-ptosis prolapse
-plasia formation
-phagia eating
-rrhaphy suture
-pexy fixation
-ectasis widening
-centesis to puncture
-genesis producing
balan/o glans penis
epididym/o epididymis
orch/o or orchi/o or orchid/o testicle
pen/o penis
prostat/o prostate
semin/i or sperm/o semen
test/o testicle
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