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LEED 2009 - Intro

Basic LEED Information

How many total points are earnable in LEED 2009? Give the breakdown. 110 Total 100 Base Points + 6 Innovation in Design + 4 Regional Priority
Name the seven categories of credits and their abbreviations. Sustainable Sites (SS) Water Efficiency (WE) Energy and Atmosphere (EA) Materials and Resources (MR) Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Innovation in Design (ID) Regional Priority (RP)
How are exemplary performance credits earned? Teams must meet the performance level defined by the next step in threshold progression, or by satisfying more than one compliance path if their benefits are additive.
What was LEED NC primarily designed for? New commercial office buildings.
What are three characteristics of a major renovation which would qualify for LEED NC? 1. Major HVAC renovations. 2. Significant envelope modifications. 3. Major interior rehabilitation.
If 50% or less of a building's leasable footage will be owner-occupied, what certification should be pursued? LEED for Core & Shell
What certification applies to non-academic buildings on school grounds? They are eligible for either LEED NC or LEED for Schools.
What certification applies to post-secondary academic buildings and pre-kindergarten buildings? Either LEED NC or LEED for schools may be used.
Which certification also has pre-certification and why? LEED for Core & Shell Pre-certification gives owners and developers a marketing tool to attract tenants and financiers who recognize the benefits of a LEED-certified building.
What is the certification scale for LEED NC, Core & Shell, and Schools? (i.e. how many points for each level of certification?) Certified 40-49 Silver 50-59 Gold 60-79 Platinum 80+
How many regional priority credits are available and how many may be earned? 6 credits are available; 4 may be earned
What is greenfield? Previously undeveloped land.
What is the LEED project boundary? Typically the site boundary, but for multi-building development may be determined by the project team and must be used consistently for all credits.
Created by: eawoolf
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