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Chp. 4 Tissues

Epithelial Tissue

The characteristic of epithelial is ... Celluarity, specialized contacts, polarity, avascular & innervated, and regeneration
What is celluarity ? composed of closely packed cells with little extra cellular space.
What is specialized contacts ? form sheets of epithelial tissue with many tight junctions and desomsomes.
What is polarity ? apical and basal surfaces.
What is avascular & innervated ? contains nerves but NO blood vessels ( cells are nourshied by diffusion )
What is regeneration ? rapid mitosis to replace cells lost ( prevents entrance for bacteria or virsues )
What are 2 classfication of epithelial ? Simple and Stratified Epithelia
What is cell shape and what are those types ? allows for a close packaging cells but differs in height ; which is squamous, cuboidal, & columnar.
What is simple squamous and is its functions? *filtration (kidney), *Gas exchange(lungs) rapid diffusion; *serection (serous memembrane)
What are the differences between Endothelium and Mesotheluim ? Endothelium provides slick friction- reducing lining in lymphatic vessels and in a hollow organs in cardiovascular system. Mesotheluim is found in serous memebrane of ventral body cavity and covering its organs.
What is simple cuboidal and its functions ? *secretion (kidney tubules & small glands {adernal} * absorption - kidney tubules
What is simple columnar and its functions? *absorption is the lining of the digestive tract from the STOMCACH TO THE RECTUM. *secretion of mucus {goblet cells } or enzymes. -Cilated type propels mucus or reproductive cells in uterus.
What is pseudostratified columnar and its functions? *sercetions of mucus {goblet cells} -propulsion of mucus {ciliary action} in the respiatory bronchi and trachea.
What is stratified squamous and its functions? -Regenrate from basal layer as apical layer is removed. *Protects underlying tissue in areas subject to abrasion. -Moist linings- {mouth, esphagous...} -Dry memebrane- {epiderm is of skin is called kernatinized}
What is statified columnar and its functions? -Regenerate from the basal layer as apical layer is removed. *Protection- {male urethra} *Secretion- large glands {Pancreas}
What is Transitional epithelia ? It forms the lining of the urinary organs; which is called stretching. As they fill with urine.
What is Glandular Epithelia? A gland is a single cell or a mass epithelial cells adapated for secretions.
What is Endocrine and Exocrine Glands ? Endocrine is ductless glands which interally secreting into the extra cellular space. Exocrine glands have ducts and are external which sercreting through ducts either out of the body by exocytosis.
What are the modes of secretion ? Merocrine, Holocrine,& {apocrine}
What is Merocrine ? When the products are secreted in exocytosis (E.G) Pancreas, sweat, & salivary glands.
What is Holocrine ? When the products are secreted by the rupture of gland cells. (E.G) Sebaceous Glands
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