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Urinary Sytem Review

Urinary System Review for Week 1

What is the function of the kidney? Filters waste, drugs and exchanges certain electrolytes
How many ureters for each kidney? One
What are ureters? 28-34 cm tubes that transport urine from the kidneys to the bladder
How many layers are in the walls of the uterer? 3 layers
What is the urinary bladder? A muscular, membranous sac that serves as a reservoir for urine
Where is the urinary bladder located? The anterior pelvic cavity
What is the upper portion of the bladder? apex
What is the lower portion of the bladder? The neck and it is continuous with the urethra
What is the trigone? A triangular area near the base of the bladder that sends a signal the the brain that the bladder needs to be emptied once stretched.
What is the urethra? A musculomembranous tube extending from the bladder to the outside of the body
What is the external opening of the urethra? urinary meatus
What are the symptoms of cystitis (UTI) frequent urge to urinate, dysuria, chills and fever, visible hematuria, pain or heaviness in lower abdomen
Diagnosis for cystitis urinalysis shows Increased WBC, increased RBC, and bacteria
What is pyridium? A medication used to relieve pain caused by urinary tract infections. Causes bright orange urine and interferes with reagent testing strips
What usually causes dark urine? Dehydration
What happens to urine during dehydration? It gets over concentrated with waste and a strong odor can occur
Can some foods cause darker urine and a strong odor? Yes, asparagus
Colors of urine Colors such as pink, blue, or green may be a result of vitamins, dyes, certain foods and chemicals.
Created by: kristinajoy