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Hazmat Detectors

How can you dectect Corrosivity? Litmus Dye, PH paper, and PH meters
CGI, Multi-Gas, PID, and FID are examples of what types of monitoring technology? Flammability
Oxygen meters and Photoionization detectors are examples of what types of monitoring technology? Oxygen potential/deficiency
Biological Immunoassay Indicators, DNA Fluoroscopy, Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR) and Hand Held assays are what type(s) of monitoring technology? Pathogenicity
ANVDR2, Geiger Counter, ANPDR77, Dosimeter(TLD, UDR-13) are examples of monitoring technology? Radioactivity
Photoionization Detectors, Flame ionization Detector, Infrared Spectrophotometers and Detector tubes are examples of monitoring technology? Toxic Levels (Toxicity)
Biological Immunoassay indicators (Hand held assays) Capabilities 1.Tests for anthrax, ricin, botulinum toxin, plague, tularemia, brucella and orthopox.2 Immunoassays are quick and accurate tests that can be used on-site and in the laboratory to detect specific molecules.
Chemical agent monitors (ICAM) Capabilities 1. It uses ion mobility spectrometry technology to detect and discriminate between mustard and nerve agent vapor. Limitations 1.may give false readings2. subject to saturation.3.sensitive to high temps.
Colorimetric detector tubes Capabilities 1.Detects specific gases and vapors Limitations 1used to determine if a specific chemical is present, but will not provide specific quanitative results.2.not able to interchange different maufacturer's tubes.
PH meters Capabilites 1.measures the acidity or alkalinity of a corrosive material.2.the meteres provide a more accurate reading than PH paper/strips and are commercially available. Limitations 1.probes must be thoroughly rinsed with distilled water.
PH Paper/Strips Capabilities 1.chemical reaction changes color of the detection paper.2.acids are normally shades of red and purple, while bases/caustic are shades of blue limitations 1.fasle positives are possible.2.must have accurate color perception
Reagents Capabilities a substance or solution combined with a material causing a chemical reaction. Limitations For specific chemcial and biological materials.
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