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Ch. 4 Vocab

Panhellenic All of Greece
stephanitic Games where winners received crowns
chrematitic Games with monetary or material value prizes
periodos Circuit game poli, i.e. Olympia, Delphi, Corinth, Nema
festival on Delos a festival to Apollo on the island of Delos -- singing, dancing, and contests -- women participated
polis self-governing city-state
prohedria seats of honor
sitesis free meals at public cafeteria
Xenophane's critique society valued athletics more than wisdom
barbarians anyone non-Greek
Magna Grecia Southern Italy and Sicilly
Croton a city-state of Magna Grecia
Sybaris a polis that instituted its own games
Cliesthenes of Sicyon and Agariste Tyrant who won events then offered his daughter's hand as a prize in his own sponsored games
gymnasium "nude place"
hoplite citizen solder who bought his own armor as a show of social status
hoplite phalanx a tightly packed battle formation
Orsippos of Megara first man to run naked at Olympia--his loincloth slipped off
gymnike paideia nude physical education
pederastry Greek men's attraction to beauty and youth in the form of young boys
two main models funeral and festival games
mesoi 'middling man' - the name for the hoplite class
stlengis scraper
aryballos oil bottle
gloios off scrapings, mixture of sweat and oil from the athlete's body
stele funeral marker, often in a long rectangular shape
symposium a drinking together place (for male citizens)
agora central meeting place of the city
isonomia equality before the law
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