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L R, P, S, #4

Latin Roots Prefixes, And Suffixes 4

rect straight
ren kidney
retro back or behind
rhea flow or gush
rupt burst
sacchar sugar
sarco flesh
sat enough
scend climb
scler hard
sclerosis hardening
scope instrument used for visual examination
scopy visual examination
sect cut
semi half
sepsis infection
sept poison, from rot
somat body
spasm sudden involuntary muscle contraction
spir breathe
squam scale
stasis standing still
strat layer
sub under or below
super over or above
syn together or joined
systol contraction
tachy rapid
tact touch
tend stretch
tetra four
thromb clot
thyr thyroid gland
tomy cutting
tox poison
trans through across beyond
tri three
uni one
ventr belly or stomach
vill hair
Created by: brandon_kyle10