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The Rise of Hitler

vocabulary terms

The TOTAL control of a country and its people by its leadership Totalitarianism
A system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian government dominated by a dictator Communism
A violent and sudden uprising or political revolt; also known as a coup d'etat Putsch
The building in Berlin where the legislative body met Reichstag
Majority rule; involves the government ruling and making laws for the "greater good" of all people; they may abolish personal rights in doing so Democracy
A country, government, or the form of government in which absolute power is exercised by a ruler Dictatorship
Empire Reich
Laws introduced in 1935 to define Jews as non-Aryan; therefore, not German citizens; therefore, can be discriminated against Nuremberg Laws
Stormtroopers or Brownshirts; Hitler's private terrorist army of 400,000 SA
An elite military unit that served as Hitler's bodyguards and as a special police force (50,000) SS
The Secret Police; the most ruthless section of all the Nazi-organized groups Gestapo
The Night of Broken Glass; Nov. 9,1938; Jewish buildings all over Germany were attacked and burned; most famous pogrom Kristallnacht
an emblem symbolizing Judaism Star of David
In Jan. 1942 Nazi leadership met to discuss the "Final Solution" to the Jewish "problem." Wannsee Conference
Using modern factory methods to "process" Jews to death in the fastest possible way Final Solution
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