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Medical People

Historical Medical People and Their Contributions

Medical PersonContribution to Medicine
Hippocrates Father of Medicine - wrote the Hippocratic Oath
Anton van Leeuwenhoek Invented microscope lens that allowed us to see organisms
Benjamin Franklin Invented bifocals and found out that colds could be spread from one person to another
Edward jenner Developed vaccine for smallpox
Rene Laennec Invented the first stethoscope out of wood
Elizabeth Blackwell First female physician in the United States
Florence Nightingale "Founder of Modern Nursing" -Invented the call bell and dumbwaiter. Started first professional school for nurses.
Louis Pasteur "Father of Microbiology" - Proved germs cause disease and they can be destroyed through pasteruization. Created a vaccine for rabies
Joseph Lister Used carbolic acid on wounds to kill germs - 1st doctor to use antisptic during surgery
Clara Barton Formed the American Red Cross
Robert Koch Devloped the culture plate (petri dish) method to study germs and discoverd the bacteria that caused TB
Wilhelm Roentgen Discovered X-rays by accident
Sigmund Freud His studies were the basis for psychology and psychiatry
Sir Alexander Flemming Discovered penicillin
Jonas Salk Discovered the polio vaccine
Francis Crick and James Watson Described the structure of DNA and won the Noble Prize
Christian Barnard Performed 1st successful heart transplant
Benjamin Carson Famous for his surgery where he separated Siamese twins and he has refined a surgery on the brain to stop seizures
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