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Food Prep Safety

CH 21

groups who are a greater risk for foodborne illness. Infants, children and pregnant women.
Bacteria that can cause foodborne illness. E coli, salmonella
How long you should wash hands. 20 seconds
What you should use when washing hands. Warm water and soap.
What you should do with a cutting board that is scratched. Replace it.
Spreading bacteria from raw foods to other foods. Cross-contamination.
How often garbage should be emptied. Daily
Food Danger Zone 40 degrees to 140 degrees
When bacteria are destroyed. When heated to 160 degrees.
Where pets should be when food is being prepared. Outside of the kitchen.
How hands should be dried after washing. With a paper towel.
What should be used to cover cuts while cooking. Plastic bandage.
How you should cough or sneeze. Into your arm or elbow.
When in Doubt Throw it out.
What will happen to food that is spoiled. Bad smell, appearance, taste or texture.
Temperature for freezer zero degrees.
Temperature for refrigerator 33-39 degrees.
Foods that don't freeze well. Mayonnaise, jello, dairy
Length of time to keep leftovers. 2-3 days
Length of time food can be left out at room temperature two hours.
Food that should be put away first after shopping frozen food
Created by: sueroberts