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R, P, S #3

Latin Roots Prefixes, And Suffixes 3

few oligo
one who studies and practices ologist
tumor or swelling oma
egg or ovum oo
vision opia
to view opsy
eye opthalm
flow excessive discharge orrhea
correct ortho
abnormal increase in production osis
bone oss
bone oste
creation of an artificial opening ostomy
cut into or incision otomy
oxygen oxia
feel or touch palp
beside para
disease patho
disease pathy
chest pector
child pedi
foot ped
surrounding peri
to eat phag
love or tendency toward phil
vein phleb
nature phys
to drink pino
substance plasm
rib pleur
breath pneum
foot pod
many poly
after post
before pre
rectum proct
false pseudo
mind psych
gatekeeper pylor
fever or fire pyr
Created by: brandon_kyle10