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WGU BDV1 Module 3

WGU BDV1 Mod 2 Health Data Management across the continuum (AHIMA C2V3)

This organization was formed only 10 years after the beginning of the Hospital Standardization movement. Association of Record Librarians of North America (ARLNA)
Health Information Management has been recognized as an Allied Health Profession since __________? 1928
ARLNA's original objective was to elevate the standards of _______________ hospitals, dispensaries, and other healthcare facilities. clinical record keeping
AHIMA's underlying purpose is to ensure the _______________ of health records in every healthcare setting. accuracy, confidentiality, accessibility
The purpose of this program was to raise the standards of surgery by establishing minimum standards for hospitals. Hospital Standardization Program
Hospital Standardization Program was inaugurated in 1918 by this organization. American College of Surgeons (ACS)
What AHIMA oprganization, formerly know as the Board of Registration, is responsible for certifications? Council on Certification (COC)
What model of practice is based on a departmental focus? Traditional Model
What model of practice is devoted to tasks of processing and tracking records rather than tracking information? Traditional Model
What model of practice is based on a range of information services? Information-oriented Model
What is AHIMA's vision for the future of the health information managers role that was developed in 1996? Vision 2006
What AHIMA study predicts that the HIM professional will be working in a broader set of roles as the electronic record expands? Workforce 2004
What AHIMA statment defines HIM as the body of knowledge and practice that ensures the availability of health informaiton to facilitate real-time healthcare delivery and critical health related decision-making for multiple purposes across diverse orgs? Vision 2010
What does AHIMA expect members to follow in demonstrating actions in an ethical manner and that all laws are complied with? Code of Profesisonal Ethics
What type of AHIMA members hold an AHIMA credential and are entitled to all privileges. including voting and ability to serve in the House of Delegates? Active Members
What type of AHIMA members include individuals interested in the purposes of AHIMA, but do not hold a credential. Ability to serve with voice and vote in committees, but cannot hold office or serve as a delegate? Associate Members
What type of AHIMA members include individuals enrolled in an AHIMA accredited college program in HIM. Ability to serve with voice, but no vote on committees, but cannot hold office or serve as a delegate? Student Members
What is the virtual network of AHIMA members that use a web-based program developed by AHIMA? Communities of Practice (CoP)
What AHIMA organizatin conducts official business and functions as the legislative body? House of Delegates
What AHIMA organization provide members with local access to professional education, networking, and representation? Component State Associations (CSAs)
What AHIMA organization is responsible for approving standards for the accreditation of educational programs in HIM at the associate and baccalaureate levels? CAHIIM
When did Health Information Managers change the name of their professional organization to AHIMA? 1991
When did Health Information Managers change the name of their professional organization to American Medical Record Association? Mid 1970's
Why did ARLNA change their name to the American Medical Record Association? To shed the Librarian image
AHIMA describes several roles in Vision 2006. Which one is most related to the assignment of clinical codes? Clinical Data Specialist
AHIMA describes several roles in Vision 2006. Which one includes CQI activities for data integrity? Data Quality Manager
AHIMA describes several roles in Vision 2006. Which one manages data repositories and data warehouses in the organization? Data Resource Administrator
AHIMA describes several roles in Vision 2006. Which one provides senior managers with information for decision making and strategy development? Research and Decision Support Specialist
Standardization of medical care resulted in the need for ________? New medical record processes
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