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The Crdvsclr System

Medical Terminology pertaining to the cardiovascular system

Surgical connection between blood vessels or the joining of one hollow organ to another anastomosis
A sac formed by a widening of the wall of an artery or vein. aneurysm
Pertaining to attacks of choking or suffocative pain anginal
The germ cell from which blood vessels develop angioblast
Recording of the heart and vessels angiocardiography
Inflammation of the heart and great vessels angiocarditis
Blood vessel tumor angioma
Surgical repair of a blood vessel angioplasty
Narrowing of a blood vessel angiostenosis
Softening of the walls of the aorta aortomalacia
Lack of rhythm of the heart beat arrhythmia
Pertaining to an artery arterial
Condition of hardening of an artery arteriosclerosis
Inflammation of an artery arteritis
Electronic device that stimulates impulse within the heart artificial pacemaker
Tumor of an artery containing fatty substance atheroma
Buildup of fatty substances and hardening of the walls atherosclerosis
Pertaining to the atrium and ventricle atrioventricular
Method of physical assessment using a stethoscope to listen to chest, abdomen and other parts of the body auscultation
Two points or cusps pertaining to the mitral valve bicuspid
Slow heartbeat bradycardia
Noise; a sound of venous or arterial orgin hear on auscultation bruit
Pertaining to the heart cardiac
Surgical puncture of the heart cardiocentesis
One who specilizes in the study of the heart cardiologist
Study of the heart cardiology
Enlargement of the heart cardiomegaly
Instrument used to measure the action of the heart cardiometer
Disease of the heart muscle caused by viral infection or overconsumption of alcohol cardiomyopathy
Heart disease cardiopathy
Pertaining to the heart and lungs cardiopulmonary
Pertaining to increasing the tone of the heart; type of medication cardiotonic
Pertaining to the heart and small blood vessels cardiovascular
Inflammation of the heart carditis
Process of inserting a catheter into the heart or urinary bladder catheterization
Waxy, fat-like substance in the bloodstream cholesterol
Process of moving the blood in the veins and arteries throughout the body circulation
Lameness, limping; may result from inadequate blood supply to the muscles in the leg claudication
Process of drawing together, as in the narrowing of a vessel constriction
Surgical procedure to increase blood flow to the bypass the obstructed coronary artery coronary bypass
Narrowing of the coronary arteries sufficient to prevent adequate blood supply to the myocardium. coronary heart disease (CHD or CAD)
Dark blue condition of the skin and mucous membranes caused by oxygen defiency cyanosis
Relaxtion phase of the heart diastole
Abnormal, bad or difficult rhythm dysrhythmia
Ultrasound method for evaluating the heart echocardiography
Device used to record the electrical impulses of the heart electrocardiograph
Device used to record heart sounds electrocardiophonograph
A condition in which a blood clot obstructs a blood vessel embolism
Surgical excision of the inner portion of an artery endarterectomy
Inflammation of the endocardium endocarditis
The INNER lining of the heart endocardium
Pertaining to the circulation of the blood OUTSIDE the body via heart-lung machine. extracorporeal circulation
Quivering of muscle fiber fibrillation
Rapid contractions of the heartbeat flutter
A disorder in which the heart loses its ability to pump blood efficiently heart failure
Surgical process of transferring the heart and lungs from a donor heart-lung transplant
Surgical process of transferring the heart from a donor heart transplant
Dilation of blood vessels hemangiectasis
A benign tumor of a blood vessel hemangioma
The movement of the blood and its pressure hemodynamic
High blood pressure hypertension
Low blood pressure hypotension
Process of development on an infarct, which is necrosis of tissue. infarction
Lack of blood supply to a part caused by constriction of a blood vessel ischemia
Fat protein (very low:VLDL or high:HDL) lipoprotein
Two seperate heart sounds that can heard through a stethoscope lubb-dupp
A condition of narrowing of the mitral valve mitral stenosis
A soft blowing or rasping sound, especially in the region of the heart murmur
Pertaining to the heart muscle myocardial
Occurs when an area of heart muscle dies due to inadequate supply of oxygen to that area myocardial infarction
Inflammation of the heart muscle myocarditis
The process or state of being closed occlusion
The process of measuring the oxygen saturation of blood oximetry
A colorless, odorless, tasteless gas essential to respiration in animals oxygen
Rapid throbbing of fluttering of the heart palpitation
The use of a balloon-tipped catheter to compress fatty plaques against an artery wall percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty
Pertaining to the pericardium, the sac surrounding the heart pericardial
Inflammation of the pericardium pericarditis
Inflammation of a vein phlebitis
Incision into a vein phlebotomy
A disorder that generally affects the blood vessels in the fingers and toes due to exposure to cold or emotional stress Raynaud's phenomenon
Valvular heart disease as a result of complications of acute rheumatic fever rheumatic heart disease
Valves of the aorta and pulmonary semilunar
A wall or partition that divides or seperates a body space or cavity septum
Disruption of oxygen supply to the tissues and return of blood to the heart shock
Pertaining to the sinusvenous and atrium sinoatrial
Instrument used to measure the arterial blood pressure sphygmomanometer
Numerous telangiectatic vessels radiate from a central point spider veins
Instrument used to listen to the sound of the heart, lungs, and other internal organs stethoscope
The contractive phase of the heart systole
Fast heartbeat tachycardia
A vascular lesion formed by dilation of small blodd vessels telangiectasis
Inflammation of a vein with the formation of a blood clot thrombophelitis
Blood clot thrombosis
Having three points; pertaining to the tricuspid valve tricuspid
Pertaining to a compound consisting of three molecules of fatty acids triglyceride
Swollen, distended, and knotted veins varicose veins
The drawing together, as in the narrowing of a blood vessel vasoconstrictive
A nerve agent that causes dilation of blood vessels vasodilator
Contraction of a blood vessel vasospasm
To pierce a vein venipuncture
Pertaining to a ventricle ventricular
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