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chapters 13,14,15

The Social Security Act of 1935 a. Set up the public assistance programs
The Federal Emergency Relief Administration made funds available to pay for c. Medical expenses of the needy employed
In the Medicaid program, Congress authorized vendor payments for medical care, which are payments from the b. Welfare agency directly to the physician
The medically needy aged a. require help in meeting costs of medical care
If a physician accepts Medicaid patients, the physician must accept a. the medicaid allowed amount
Medicaid eligibility must always be checked for the d. type of service
medicaid managed care patient claims should be sent to the d. both a and b
medicaid managed care patient claims should be sent to the d. managed care organization and not the medicaid fiscal agent
tricare, formerly known as champus, is funded through a. congress
the three choices of health care coverage for families of active duty military personnel, military retirees, and their dependents are c. tricare standard, tricare prime, and tricare extra
people not entitled to benefits under tricare are a. champva beneficiaries
what is the system called that tricare clains processors use to verify beneficiary eligibility d. deers
an nas is a d. certification from a military hospital stating that it cannot provide the necessary care
the nas carchment area is d. both a nad c
health care professionals who may treat a tricare patient are d. all of the above
the privacy act of 1974 establishes an individuals right to review his or her medical records maintained by a d. all of the above
the reason for workers compensation laws is d. all of the above
an abnormal condition caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with employment is b. occupational illness
premiums for workers compensation insurance are paid by the b. employer
workers compensation benefits include d. all of the above
when a case is rated for permanent disability and settled, this is called c. compromise and release
final determination involving settlement of an industrial accident is known as a. adjudication
an individualized program of therapy using simulated or real work tasks to build strength and improve the workers endurance toward a full days work is known as a. work hardening
video tapes made of the patient without his or her knowledge to document the extent of the patients permanent disability are called d. sub rosa films
a proceeding in which an attorney asks a witness questions regarding a case and the witness answers under oath but not in open court in known as a/an c. deposition
which is the correct procedure for keeping an industrial patients financial and health records when the same physician is also seeing the patient as a private patient d. separate financial and health records must be used
in a workers compensation case, the contract and financial responsibility exists between the a. physician and the insurance company
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