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Unit 2 part one

Flash cards about IN5X1 CDC's

"that degree" of dominance in the information domain which allows friendly forces the ability to gain, exploit, disseminate, attack, and defend information without effective opposition Information superiority
Information operations is the intergrated employment of three capabilities Influence operations, electronic warfare, and network warfare
Influence operations are comprised of of six individual operational activities psychological operations, military deception, OPSEC, counterintelligence, public affairs, and counterpropaganda Involve efforts to negate, neutralize, or diminish effects of (or gain advantage from) foreign PSYOP or propaganda Counterpropaganda operations
Targets the mind of the adversary PSYOP Fundamental to military operations because it disrupts, damages, or destroys the enemy's resources to wage war Physical attack in support of IO Using information systems to deceive, disrupt, deny, delay, degrade, or destroy information that resides in networks NetA
Misleads or manages the preception of adversaries causing them to at in accordance with friendly objectives Military deception MILDEC ____ intergrates EW, as an element of IO with physical attack capabilities such as the use of high speed anti radiation missiles (HARM) against enemy integrated air defense systems. Suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD) Planning, directing, and executing responses to unauthorized activities in defense of AF information systems and networks NetD Space-based navigation systems provide three dimensional positioning data and a standard timing source to military as well as civil and commercial users worldwide Precision navigation and timing
A defensive activity that helps prevent our adversaries from gaining and exploiting our critical information OPSEC Defensively enhances use of the electronic spectrum for friendly forces Electronic protection The collection and production of network related data for immediate decisions involving NW ops NS Constraints on ISR capabilities Intelligence resources are limited Collection activities are legally constrained Intelligence support to IO often requires long lead times Information environment is dynamic
Information gathered and activities conducted to protect against espionage, other intelligence activities, sabotage, assassinations conducted by or on behalf of foreign governments or entities, or international terrorist activities Counterintelligence Used to locate and identify all sources of EM energy. Provides information required for timely decisions involving EW operations such as threat recognition, targeting, and conduct of other future operations. Electronic warfare support IO relies on other capabilities for support, these capabilities know as ___ include the gain, exploit, and disseminate capabilities that continuously provide commanders valid information Integrated Control Enablers (ICE) The six phases of the intelligence cycle are Planning and direction, Collection, processing and exploitation, analysis and production, dissemination and integration, evaluation and feedback
The lead activity and first line of defense against adversary propaganda and disinformation Public affairs The integrated planning, employment, and assessment of military capabilities to achieve desired effects across the interconnected analog and digital network portion of the battlespace Network warfare ops (NW Ops) The integrated capability to task, collect, process, exploit, and disseminate accurate and timely intelligence Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) ___ comprise a comprehensive list of information requirements identified by the commander as being critical in facilitating timely information management and the decision making process that affects successful mission accomplishment Commander's Critical Information Requirement (CCIR)
Any military action involving the use of electromagnetic or directed energy to manipulate the EM spectrum to attack an adversary Electronic Warfare NW Ops is the is the integration of three primary activities Network attack, defense, and warfare support A commander driven process to predict and preempt adversary actions when and where we choose Predictive battlespace awareness (____) are those intelligence requirements deemed most important to mission accomplishment Priority intelligence requirements (PIR)
Specific items of information a commander needs before making a decision Essential elements of information ____ are specific time sensitive ad hoc requirements for intelligence or products to support an ongoing crisis or operation not necessarily related to standing requirements or scheduled intelligence production Request for information (RFI) A framework for standardization of national SIGINT contributions to the air component command level, while improving support through critical two way interaction with the NSA Air Force National Tactical Integration (AFNTI) ISR assets are divided into two categories Platform and Sensor
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