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Flavin CLERICAL 1080

1080 Final Facts Summer 11 FLAVIN

Getting authorization from the pt's ins company is called: Preapproval OR Authorization
Language barriers, body language, written documentation, comprehension, and disabilities all impact: Communication
The national organization for the medical assisting profession is: AAMA
double booking When 2 or more pt's are scheduled for the same day and time.
If a pt does ont call to reschedule an apt. it is considered a: no show
Pt's with managed care plans are expected to _________ at the time of their OV. pay a copayment
All entries documented in a pt's MR must indicate the: documenter's initials and credentials
Time management in the medical office is vital to Patient scheduling
established patient Already been seen in the office.
cheif complaint Main reason a pt is being seen.
Shaping an opinion based on preconceived beliefs is called: stereotyping
MR are the property of the: physician or facility
A progress note is: Documentation by the MA and Dr. regarding the pt's VS, progress, and treatment.
The most important document used in the health care to defend against medical malpractice suits is the: Medical Record (MR)
If a pt. has not been seen in 2 to 5 years by the Dr. they are classified as: inactive
Legal way to make a corrections is: draw a single line through the error, initial, date, and write the correct documentation.
90 days An applicant who fails the RMA exam is eligible to retake it _____ days after the initial attempt.
1950's Medical Assisting began in the early _______
____ CEUs are required for a MA to become recertified. 60
Purging is also known as: The process of removing medical files from one location and storing them in another.
To maintain CMA status, MAs must complete recertification every ___ years. 5
Evaluation Means to check for understanding. Ex. Pt understanding of instructions or compliance.
CEU means: Continuing education Units
Clerical duties would include: Phones, greeting pt's, and collecting copays.
Clinical duties would include: Taking a pt hx, VS, injections, and venipuncture.
When communicating with other facilities _____ is the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR. Confidentiality
MA programs are accredited by which of the following association(s)? CAAHEP or ABHES
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
A closed ended question example would be: Yes or No
Conference calling feature permits Two or more parties in different locations to participate in one call.
The ADA is open: 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
___________ was the first woman to practive medicine in the US with a degree. Elizabeth Blackwell
A min. of ____ hours should be allotted before Rx refills are called into pharmacy. 24
When using the SOAP format, information about the patient's chief complaint is charted under the: subjective findings.
Upon entering the medical office, the first tasks the receptionists should perform is: turning off the alarm system.
Medical records are the property of the: physician or facility
Thumb drives are also known as: flash drives
The ADA requires that all medical office facilities: have accessible ramps and elevators
Medical assistants who are certified by both the AAMA and AMT can use which credential? CMA and RMA
The medical files of patients who are scheduled for the next day should be pulled: the night before
The waiting area in a medical office is also known as the ________ area reception
Phone calls in the medical setting should be answered between the second and third rings.
HIPAA compliance in the medical office setting refers to: patient confidentiality laws
A resource used for locating alternate words with similar meanings is a: thesaurus
The receptionist must maintain patient confidentiality by: keeping patient signatures invisible to the next patients who sign in.
When closing the medical office, the last task the office staff should perform is: locking the doors and activating the alarm system.
Questioning a patient to ensure comprehension of medical instructions is the communication technique known as: feedback
A court-ordered withholding of wages from an employee's check is defined as garnishment
Patients who fail to arrive for scheduled appointments should be called ________ after the patients' appointed time 15 to 30 minutes
The process of prioritizing patients based on need is termed triaging
The office address should be typewritten in the ________ of the envelope upper-left corner
The ________ circles the patient's diagnoses on the encounter form physician
Stereotyping is the process of: shaping an opinion based on preconceived beliefs
The physician ______calls the insurance company to get an authorization number. DOES NOT
encounter form, fee ticket, superbill are the same~ They have the CPT, ICD, pt Demos and when to return.
Excitability is not a desired characteristic of a front-desk receptionist.
Repeating the telephone number to the caller is a good way to verify the correct info has been exchanged.
Patients can be released from medical care for nonpayment of their accounts by the Dr. _____ the patient. sending a certified letter
The main reason a patient seeks medical care is defined as the: chief complaint.
The style of type used in composing a written document is called the: font
Which of the 99205 is an example of a CPT code.
The greeting portion of any correspondence is called the: salutation
Questioning a patient to ensure comprehension of medical instructions is the communication technique known as: feedback
Mrs. Johnson phones the medical office and identifies herself as a patient. Her last appointment was over a year ago. Mrs. Johnson is a(n): established patient
Flash drives usually connect to computers via a: USB
An interoffice note is identified as a(n): memo
All entries documented in a patient's medical record must indicate the: documenter's initials and credentials.
The national organization for the medical assisting profession is: AAMA
All healthcare facilities should maintain access to what reference materials when coding patients' diagnoses and procedures? Current diagnostic and procedural coding books
It is illegal to contact a nonpaying patient: at their place of employment.
Patient billing statements are generally mailed out: monthly
Equipment that is designed to ensure proper body posture is termed: ergonomics
A new patient calls to schedule an appointment. The medical assistant should ask the patient to bring: Insurance cards, MR, and a list of all medications the patient is using (or the medications themselves).
The most important document used in health care to defend against medical malpractice suits is the: medical record.
What type of information are patients hesitant to disclose? Social security numbers
Medical records of patients who participate in medical research programs must be retained: indefinitely
No-show appointments are: patients who do not call to reschedule an appointment
The most important document utilized in the physician office is the: patient registration form
Standard paper size is: 8-1/2" x 11".
________ patients should not be removed immediately from the reception area. Wheelchair
USPS zip codes are a system of: five-digit + 4 codes.
What are considered potentially life-threatening emergency phone calls? Complaints of chest pain, heavy bleeding, shortness of breath, or poisoning
What telephone features are programmed to call patients with electronic appointment reminders? Automated appointment reminders
PDR is a reference book for: drugs
Inactive medical-record files are generally assigned to patients who have not been seen by the physician for a period of: 2 to 5 years.
Pica, Arial, and Times New Roman are examples of types of: fonts
Answering services DO NOT record patient calls.
FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration.
Patients receive appointment reminder calls ________ before their scheduled appointments. the day before
Communication is impacted by: language barriers, body language, written documentation, comprehension, and disabilities.
A patient who has been seen in the office within the past 3 years is defined as a(n): established patient.
Which national resource organization has information on AIDS/HIV? CDC
Patients with managed care plans are expected to ________ at the time of their office visits. pay a copayment
Dear Mrs. Johnson: is a example of a salutation
Before scheduling an appointment for a new patient, what information must the medical staff request that is vital to both patient and medical office payment? Insurance information
The law that regulates how patient debts are collected is: the Fair Debt Collection Act.
"RE" is used in the subject line to: mean "regarding," indicate the subject matter, and describe the purpose of the letter.
Money a patient must pay for each physician office visit is termed a: copayment
When patients are unable to pay their medical bills and physicians agree to treat them for a lesser charge or for no fee, this is termed: hardship agreement.
To recertify as a CMA, the credentialed medical assistant must: obtain 60 CEUs within a 5-year period or retake the certification exam
___________ information is not included in a patient's medical record? Patient fees
POMR stands for: problem-oriented medical record.
Medical assistants who allow children to be unattended: give unspoken consent and assume responsibility on behalf of the medical office.
Recording telephone calls without consent is: illegal
When communicating by telephone, the most effective nonverbal form is: tone of voice.
A patient's sexual lifestyle is part of a patient's ________ information. social
Administrative medical assistants are NOT trained to perform ____________________. taking patient vital signs, performing EKGs, and drawing blood.
Complaints of chest pain, heavy bleeding, shortness of breath, or poisoning are to be considered potentially _________threatening. life-threatening
Which telephone feature automatically routes incoming calls to other telephone numbers? Call forwarding
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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