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3520 second wk.

Chpt 5 Terms @ Abbrev.

MOSS Medical Office Simulation Software
STAT Immediately
DOB Date of Birth
TPMS Total Practice Management Systems
ARU Automated Routing Unit
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
PHI Protected Health Information
URL Uniform Resource Labor
EKG,ECG Electrocardiogram
MI Myocardial Infarction
PAD Peripheral Artery Disease
CAD Coronary Artery Disease
C Cholesterol
EMG Electromyograph
Thromb/o/cytes Smallest formed elements of the blood
Peri/cardi/um Membrane sac that surrounds the heart
Angi/o/stenosis Abnormal narrowing of a blood vessel
Plasma/pheresis Process of separating plasma from the whole blood
Septic/emia Blood poisoning
Cardi/ology Study of the heart
Aort/o/rrhaphy Surgical suturing of the aorta
Tachy/card/ia Abnormally fast heart rate
Leuk/emia A malignancy of abnormal white blood cells
Aneurysm/o/plasty Surgical repair of the aneurysm
Cardi/o/megly Abnormal enlargement of the heart
Phleb/o/rrhexis Rupture of the vein
Peri/cardi/ectomy Surgical removal of a portion of the tissue surrounding the heart
Angi/o/graphy Radiographic study of the blood vessels after the injection of a contrast medium
Coron/ary Pertaining to the heart
Angi/ectomy Surgical removal of a blood vessel
Ather/o/sclerosis Hardening and narrowing of the arteries due to a buildup of cholesterol plaque
Brady/card/ia Abnormally slow heart rate
Peri/card/itis Inflammation of the pericardium
Erythr/o/penia Deficiency of red blood cells
Systolic Contraction of the heart
Diastolic Relaxation of the heart
Thromb/us Blood clot attached to the interior wall of an artery or vein
Dys/crasia Any pathologic condition of the cellular elements of the blood
Phleb/otomy The puncture of a vein for the purpose of drawing blood
CC Cardiac Catheterization
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