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WGU BDV1 Module 1

WGU BDV1 Mod 1 Health Data Management across the Continuum (AHIMA C2V3)

Principle repository for data and information about the healthcare services provided to an individual patient. Health Record
Basic facts about people, processes, measurements, conditions, etc... collected in the form of dates, numerical measurements, textual descriptions, checklists, images, and symbols. Data
Data collected and analyzed, then converted into a form that can be used for a specific purpose. Information
Data represent ___________, and information represent ______________. Facts, Meaning
The AHIMA 1998 Data Quality Management Model is based on which four domains? Data Applications, Data Collections, Data warehousing, Data Analysis
Data should represent what was intended or defined by the original source of data. Data Accuracy
Data are easily obtainable. Data Accessibility
All data elements are included in the health record. Data Comprehensiveness
Data are reliable. Data Consistency.
Data should be up-to-date and recorded at or near the time of the event or observation. Data Currency or Data Timeliness
Data and information in the health record are defined. Data Definition
Attributes and values of data are defined at the correct level detail. Data Granularity
Acceptable values or value ranges are defined for each data element. Data Precision
The reason for collecting a data element must be clear and useful to the health record. Data Relevancy
What are the 6 IOM attributes associated with the storage of the health record? Accessibility, Quality, Security, Flexibility, Connectivity, Efficiency
The right of individuals to control access to their personal health information. Privacy
The expectation that personal information shared with a healthcare provider during the course of care will be used only for the intended purpose. Confidentiality
Protection of the privacy of individuals and the confidentiality of health records. Security
Protection of healthcare information from unauthorized users, damage, loss, and unauthorized alteration. Security
Making the health record available to legitimate users. Access
The means to display and present health information to meet the needs of different users. Flexibility
The capacity of health record systems to provide communication linkages and allow the exchange of health record data among information systems. Connectivity
A component of health record storage that will improve access and the structure of the data. Efficiency
Purpose for which the data is collected. Data Application
Process by which data elements are accumulated. Data Collection
Processes and systems used to store and maintain data and data journals. Data Warehousing
Process of translating data into information utilized for an application. Data Analysis
Which characteristic of data means that the data are easily obtainable? Data Accessibility
Organizations that maintain health records have to identify each patient and support efficient access without regard to the format of the record. True
Identify which term best describes the following: Report on all Anthrax cases in Virginia in the past year. Information
Which of the following is the term used to describe that data is up to date? Data Currency
For which of the following reasons does AHIMA recommend personal access to your health record? To verify information and charges for your care 
Using a record during a claims analysis to evaluate how physicians use CPT Evaluation and Management codes. Secondary
Using a record in a patient's physician office visit for hypertension. Primary
What agencies might use health records in an investigation to determine if professional credentials should be revoked from a surgeon who was alleged to be impaired by substance abuse while performing surgery? Government licensing agencies
Using a record to teach a medical student how to evaluate a patient history. Secondary
Which of the following accurately describes the relationship between data and information? Data can be converted into information
Identify which term best describes the following: ICD-9-CM code 401.9 on a claim form Data
Which of these groups mandates that health care providers use the health record to report patients treated for injuries caused by gunfire? Government policy makers 
You are conversing with a friend who wants to take possession of his health record from the hospital. Who do you tell him owns his record? Hospital
Identify which term best describes the following: Paper-based health records Chart
Of the four domains outlined in AHIMA's data quality model, which one focuses on archiving data for future use? Data Warehousing
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