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Human AP CH1

Human Geography Ch1

Cartography Art of making maps
Reference Maps Show location of features (mountains, rivers, country boundaries)
Thematic Maps show stories like how many people have HIV in Africa
Mental Maps ideas we carry in our head of how things look
Activity Space Area you travel each day
Remote Sensing satellite information
GIS computer that stores "layers" of information that can tell you multiple things at once (city's population and racial breakdown)
Scale How large or small an area covers
Large Scale Map covers small area in large detail
Small Scale map covers large area in small detail
Jumping Scale (rescale) when a local issue becomes a global issue (Swine Flu)
Formal region area where everyone shares a distinct characteristic (language)
Functional region area shares a practical function, all receive Orlando Sentinel
Perceptual region how you think of a region (your stereotype in your head)
Culture trait single unit within a culture (language) not biologically passed but learned
Culture Complex all culture traits combined together to make a unique culture
Culture hearth source of civilization
Cultural Diffusion how ideas spread from one culture to another
Time-distance decay further away from a place is the less likely a culture trait will diffuse
Cultural barriers prevent diffusion of a trait (no beef in Hindu countries)
Expansion Diffusion trait remains strong while spreading to other areas
Contagious Diffusion all areas near the central area are affected by the idea first )like spreading of a disease
Hierarchical Diffusion spreads to only a select few in an area and then slowly to others (fax machine)
Stimulus Diffusion idea indirectly promotes local version of trait (veggie burger)
Relocation Diffusion when a person carries the trait to a new area
Acculturation one less dominant culture adopts the practices and ideas of a more cominant one
Assimilation one culture becomes dominant over another and they become one
Environmental Determinism human behavior is controlled by the physical environment (hurricanes)
Possibilism the environment may limit actions but people can make adjustments (raincoats)
Created by: FuzzieKiwi
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