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SCC micro wk.1

what is the role of normal/resident flora? to protect the human body from pathogens (this is a normal condition).
What is the purpose of safranin in the gram stain technique? counter or secondary stain
Which substance of the bacterial cell wall basically determines whether a bacteria will stain gram positive or gram negative using the Gram stain technique? The amount of lipid(fat) content contained within the cell wall.
What two types of microorgranisms make up the majority of normal/resident flora? Bacteria and yeasts
What are transient flora? Microorganisms that colonize rhe human body for awhile, then are gone.
What are two factors that determine the exact composition of a person's normal/resident flora? The age and health of the host
Term used to describe organisms that are capable of causing disease. Pathogen or Pathogenic organism
What is the function of the cell wall of microorganisms? To protect the cell from the environment
What is the role of "plasmids" when found within a bacterial cell? Plasmids protect the bacterial cell from harsh environmental conditions.
What is the purpose of iodine in the gram stain technique? Mordant which enhances staining outcome
What term is used to describe an organism that normally does not cause disease, however, if the host becomes compromised, can subsequently cause infection/disease? Opportunistic organism
Where do normal/resident flora reside on the human body? Normal or Resident flora live ON or IN the body.
What is the purpose of alcohol/acetone in the gram stain technique? Decolorizer
What color do organisms stained with the Gram Stain technique appear under the microscope if they are considered "gram negative"? Pink
List the names of the reagents used for the gram stain technique. Crystal violet, Iodine, Alcohol/Acetone, and Safranin
Term used to describe cells with a singular, circular chromosome that have no tissue/organ structure. Prokaryote
Decribe the shape (morphology) of the bacilli cell wall. rodlike cells--short or long, having rounded or tapered ends---looks "hairy"
What are the three main shapes (morphologies) of bacterial cell walls? cocci, bacilli or rods, spirals
Describe the shape (morphology) of the cocci bacterial cell wall. round or oval
Describe the shape (morphology) of the spiral cell wall. helical cells, coiled
Term used to describe cells with more than one chromosome that have tissue/organ structure. Eukaryote
What color do organisms stain with the Gram stain technique appear under the microscope if they are considered "gram positive"? Purple
What is the term used to describe the microorganisms that begin to colonize the human body at birth? Normal or Resident flora
What type of organism--Prokaryote or Eukaryote-- is a bacteria? Prokaryote
How are microorganisms named? Binomial nomenclature: Genus and species
What three substances comprise the content of bacterial cell walls? Carbohydrates (sugars); lipids (fats), and proteins
What staining technique is commonly used in the microbiology department? Gram stain technique
What is the purpose of crystal violet in the gram stain technique? primary stain
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