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VW Neurohisto


There are approximately 100 _ neurons in the adult nervous system. Billion
Groups of cell bodies in the CNS are called _ and in the PNS they are called _. CNS = Nucleus, PNS = Ganglia
Name the 3 basic types of neurons. Pseudounipolar Neuron, Bipolar Neuron, Multipolar Neuron
A _ neuron has a round cell body, and a single process which divides into 2 branches Pseudounipolar
A _ neuron has a round/oval cell body and 1 large process projecting from each end of the cell body. Bipolar neuron
A _ neuron has multiple dendrites and 1 axon Multipolar
This type of neuron is found in sensory ganglia of cranial and spinal nerves Pseudounipolar
This type of neuron is found in sensory structures Bipolar
This type of neuron is typically a motor neuron found in the CNS and autonomic ganglia Multipolar
_ receive signals from other neurons and the environment. Dendrites
The _ _ is the metabolic center of the nerve cell. Cell Body
Nissl substance is evidence of the _ _ _ in the cell body of a neuron. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
The axon arises from the cell body at a place called the _ _. Axon Hillock
An axon terminal is capped with _ _ which correspond to synapses between cells. Terminal Bouton
True or false - some boutons can be found along the length of the axons. True
Boutons found along the length of the axon are called _ _ _ or varicosities. Boutons en Passant
Name the 2 types of axonal transport and their associated direction Anterograde from cell body to axon, Retrograde from axon to cell body
Which axonal transport is responsible for the fast component and uses a protein called kinesin (ATPase). Anterograde
Which protein is used in retrograde axonal transport Dynein
The rabies virus and the toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium tetani both use this type of transport to infect the host. Retrograde Transport
Pseudorabies virus and horseradish peroxidase are used as retrograde tracers to ___________. label neurons in a specific pathway
What are two types of synapses that occur at the site where the axon communicates? Electrical or Chemical
Which synapse is most common, electrical or chemical? Chemical
Name 5 common neurotransmitters GABA, Acetylcholine, Noradrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin (GANDS)
This diseases is one in which the immune system produces antibodies to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor site postsynaptically at the neuromuscular junction Myasthenia Gravis
Name the 4 types of Neuroglia in the CNS Astrocytes, Oligodendrocytes, Microglia, and Ependymal cells
Name the 4 types of Neuroglia in the PNS Satellite Cells, Schwann Cells, Microglia and Ependymal cells
Astrocytes in the CNS are like _ _ in the PNS Satellite Cells
Schwann Cells in the PNS are like _ in the CNS Oligodendrocytes
This type of neuroglia have perivascular endfeet, provide support and framework for neuronal migration and participate in NT metabolism Astrocytes
Many tumors are of which type of neuroglia origin? Astrocytes (form Astrocytic scars)
This type of neuroglia creates myelin in the CNS Oligodendrocytes
Large diameter axons have _ myelin sheaths and _ conduction velocities. Thick, High
Smaller diameter axons have _ myelin sheaths and _ conduction velocities Thinner, Slower
This type of disease is a demyelinating disease in which oligodendrocytes are replaced by astrocytic plaques. Multiple Sclerosis
This type of neuroglia develops from blood cells of the macrophage lineage and is consequently a phagocytic scavenger. Microglia
Ependymal cells comprise these structures responsible for creating CSF in the CNS. choroid plexus
Normally CNS is _ but in the case of bacterial meningitis, it will become _ . Clear, cloudy
The blood brain barrier consists of _ _ between endothelial cells of the CNS capillaries. Tight Junctions
Name the 3 connective sheaths outside the basal lamina on the peripheral nerves. Endoneurium, Perineurium and Epineurium
Describe the difference between Endoneurium, Perineurium, and Epineurium. Endo - between individual nerve fibers, Peri surrounds each fascicle of axons and Epi is dense CT around the peripheral nerve itself.
Peripheral nerve tumors originate most often from this type of neuroglia. Schwann Cells
Describe the difference between a schwannoma and a neurofibroma. Schwannoma - arises singly and easy to remove. Neurofibroma arises multiply and is difficult to remove because they infiltrate nerve bundles.
Sensory Ganglia in the CNS include the _ _ _ alongside the spinal cord, and CN's _, _, _, and _. Dorsal Root Ganglia, CN V, VII, IX and X
This disease is a viral infection of the dorsal root ganglion or trigeminal ganglia causing pain and blistering when active. Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
Created by: cherubicsiren
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