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Responsibilities of inspections department To eliminate sub standard shipping and certify domestic vessels
Purpose and responsibilities of Port State Control To eliminate substandard foreign shipping and keep waterways and personnel safe
What are the responsibilities of the dispatcher To track vessel traffic and decide if they should be inspected. Dispatch daily checklist
Four sources of information MISLE, SANS, Bar Pilot, VTS
What is VTS? Vessel traffic service
Type of inspections done by PSC Safety and Security
What type of vessels are inspected by PSC? Any foreign vessel required to submit an NOA
How is it determined which vessels are inspected ISPS Matrix PSC ( safety and environmental protection) matrix
What intervals to inspections take place 6 months to a year as required Passenger ships- every year Qualship 21- every 2 years
How are priorities for inspections determined Using ISPS, PSC, and HIV matrix
What criteria is measured to determine priority ISPS (5 categories) Ship management Flag state Recognized security organization Security compliance history Last port of call
PSC (5 categories) Ship management Flag state Classification society Vessel history Ship type
Explain point system for ISPS matrix PI/ISPS I=17 points or more PII/ISPS II= 7-16 points PIII/ISPS III=0-6 points
Explain point system for HIV matrix HIV done at command center
Describe actions taken for different priority levels PI-Inspected before entering port PII-Will be done pier side PIII-Random
Ships documents verified by the dispatcher ISSC- International ship security certificate SMC-Ship management certificate (ship specific) DOC- Document of compliance (company specific)
What type of vessels are inspected by PSC NOA vessels or vessels over 300 gross tons
Site reference for NOA regulations 33 CFR 160 subpart C
What vessels must submit an NOA Any vessels 300 gross tons or more
Explore time requirements for submission of NOA 33 CFR 160.212 a(3) Travel time greater than 96 hours- submit 96 hours prior to Travel time less than 96 hours- submit 24 hours prior to
What is ISM International Safety Management
What two documents comprise ISM SMC DOC
How long is a safety management certificate valid Not to exceed 5 years
How long is a document of compliance valid Not to exceed 5 years
Demonstrate the ability to determine and record the ISSC status of a vessel ISSC-Issued for up to 5 years. Renewal completed more than 3 months prior to expiration. Intermediate certificate- valid for three years Interim- change of status
What is a COFR Certificate of Financial Responsibility If invalid call COFR desk
What vessels are required to have a COFR Any tank vessel and any vessel 300 gross tons or more
What criteria invalidate a COFR Outlined in 33 CFR 138.120
What is a COC and who is required to have one Certificate of compliance Any tank vessel Cruise Ships
How long is a COC valid? 2 years
Explain when a COC waiver is used COC is expired but not outside the 3 months. COC waiver is in dispatch folder.
What type of vessel required a VRP Outlined in 33 CFR 155.1010 Oil or tank vessels that currently carry oil or oily residues. Over 500 gross tons. ALL VESSELS
What is an OSRO and where can you find it Oil spill response organization COTP zone
What is an ISSC International ship security certificate
How long is an ISSC valid 5 years- ISPS code part A 19.3
How long is the interim ISSC valid Not more than 6 months. ISPS code part A 19.4.3
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