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Q&A Med Assist CH 2

Medical assisting review CH 2

The main purpose of filing reports of certain communicable diseases to government agencies is to Protect the health of the community
Important dates to remember in the medical practice office are the due dates for license renewels, narcotics registration, and insurance premiums. A good way to remember these upcoming dates is to maintain a tickler or time schedule file
Which of the following is NOT considered an essential element of negligence? patient-client relationship
The Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z of the Consumer Protection Act of 1968), when applied to medical offices, deals with collection of patients' payments. Which statement is FALSE? It forbids a finance charge
When a patient receives care under Worker's Compensation from his or her regular physician, the medical assistant should keep two medical records
In a worker's Compensation case, the medical assistant should send no bill
Complete information regarding the filing of reports and taxes from the employee's earnings and employer's tax contributions can be found in IRS Circular E Employer's Tax Guide
Physicians that administer controlled drugs must register with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and renew this registration every 3 years
A legally binding document that commands a witness to appear in court and bring specific medical records is a subpoena duces tecum
A physician who regularly dispenses drugs is a required to keep records of drugs and must take an inventory every 2 years
A physician who dispenses nonnarcotic or narcotic drugs listed in the Schedule of the Controlled Substances Act must keep records of such drugs for a period of 2 years
A common requirement for licensing physicians by endorsement in a given state is that they have passed an examination titled United States Medical Licensing Examination
Medical practice acts are state statues
The failure to perform an act that should have been performed is called nonfeasance
Law that is established from a court decision is called common law
Which one of the following statements pertaining to medical law is FALSE? there is no significant legal difference between performing acts on the doctor's orders and performing them under his or her supervision
If a patient does not sign a consent for medical treatment and the health care professional administers medical treatment to the patient, the health care professional may be charged with battery
The giving of drugs in some type of bottle, box, or other container to a patient is called dispensing
A contract, to be enforceable in law, must meet all of the following criteria, EXCEPT any two parties
In the Patient's Bill of Rights approved in 1973 by the American Hospital Association, patients are to be guarenteed all of the following EXCEPT receive a refund of all fees if any complications arise
When a medical assistant interviews for employement, the interviewer will ask questions. Which of the following is a legal question topic? height and weight
In the implied contract with the patient, the physician is now bound contractually to any of the following EXCEPT possess the ordinary degree of skill and learning commonly held by reputable physicians in the same general line of practice in the same or similar locality
The ddoctorine which literaally means "the thing speaks for itself" and describes an incident which is obviously negligent, such as operating on the wrong body part is known as res ipsa loquitur
Written statements that tend to damage individuak's reputation are called libel
In an application of the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur, the burden of proving innocent is on the physician
The type of consent in which the client is told of thecomplete nature and treatment of a proposed procedure as well as consequences of not having the procudure done is informed consent
Which one of the following is a reason for revoking a physician's license betraying professional secrets
Of the following which is NOT a reason for the revocation of a physician's license ethical behavior
The license that a physician obtains to practice medicine is issued by a licensing board in each state
If a third party agrees to pay a patient's medical bill's, the agreement must be in writing
Which of the following is NOT true when describing Good Samaritain laws are the same in each state
The term describing failure of a physician to perform his or her duty, resulting in definite injury to a patient, is negligence
A case involving infections resulting from broken glassware, needles, or unsterilized instruments would imply the application of which of the following doctorines res ipsa loquitur
What faciluty would provide surgery on an outpatient basis? An ambulatory surgery facility
Which of the following statements is NOT a valid guildline of consent for releas of patient information The patient may no recind in authorization for release of information once it is signed
The physician who treats or operates on a patient without having authority to do so commits battery
Which of the following is NOT true of the arbitration process it must be performed as a court proceeding
The purpose of the statue of limitations is to fix a period of time or a deadline for initiating legal action
Which of the following is NOT an accepted practice when making corrections to a medical record use an eraser to make a neat correction
In which of the following situations is informed consent required an adult who is to undergo elective surgery
Informed consent should include which of the following the procedure and method, risks and expected results, alternative procedures and their risks, results from no treatment
Artificial insemination by husband (AIH) is a procedure that use's husband's semen
Which of the following is NOT true with reference to the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act the physician who determines the time of death may remove any part of a dead body
Ther is an implied contract between patient and physician for the physician to do all of the following EXCEPT continue services after being discharged by the patient is harm might otherwise come to the patient
In health care facilities where the physicians and patient or patient's family cannot agree on prolonging the patient's life, the decision may be made by the courts of law
Which of the following procedures do NOT require written (express) consent removal of brolen glass from foot
With regard to advertising, which one of the following is definitely NOT an accepted ethical or professional practice testimonials of patients
Decisions on how much money shall be used for medical resources that are made by groups such as Congress, state legislation, or private foundation are called macroallocation
Which type of business structure used in medical practices will ptotect an individual practitioner from obligation of personal loss corporation
Which of the following types of patients generally requires consent of another person before the physician may begin treatment 14-year old boy
Rules of conduct that govern the relationship between physician are a part of medical etiquette
In a physician-patient contract, the consideration is a term for paying the fee
Willfully causing or allowing death to keep a person with an incurable disease from suffering is known as euthanasia
What type of medical practice is an artificial entity with a legal and business status independent of its shareholders or employees and can often offer its employees an attractive package of fringe benefits and insurance benefits is professional corporation
When a medical assistant observes actions or signs that arouse suspicion of child abuse or neglect, what should be the next step advise the doctor privately of the suspicion
Which of the following is considered illegal a patient chooses to not to pay for a physicians services after previously signing an agreement to pay
The sharing between two or more physicians of a patient's fee that has been given by a patient to reimburce one physician alone is called fee-splitting
The primary responsibility of a physician is the welfare of his or her patients
Which of the following statements is a poor practice when a patient's care must be discussed and privacy is not protected, use the patient's name to prevent misunderstanding
The term alleges the the patient or complaining party caused or contributed to his or her own injury is contributory negligence
Birth certificates are state records
which of the following is NOT one of the four D's of negligence determination of negligence to patient
A way for a physician to terminate his or her services to a patient could be any of the following EXCEPT physician abandons the case
In a legal sense, the relationship between the physician and patient could be best described as contractual
Which of the following was passed to "improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care information system through the establishment of standards and requirements for the electronic transmission of certain health information" HIPAA
Which of the following bioethical issues concern conception, pregnancy, birth, or birth control sterilization, genetic testing, rights of the fetus, rights of the newborn
An Employement Eligibility Verification Form I-9 issued by the Department of Justice, Immigration, and Naturalization to ensure that workers meet required status as national citizens or authorized aliens
Several federal laws protect workers from discrimination or workplace hazards. Which of the following was passed to help "ensure that employees are provided with a workplace that is free from recognized hazards that cause seriuos injury or death" OSHA
One of the components of HIPAA is to provide for the standardization of the interchange of electronic data to protect the privacy and confidentiality of electronically stored and transmitted health information. Which one is NOT a goal of HIPAA decreases access to computer networks within health care facilities
The Federal Pricacy Act of 1974 covers programs under federal juristiction and establishes the rights of individuals to review their records. The Privacy Act requires a statement of authority for the request, principal purpose of the request, routine use of the information, effect on individual if information is not provided
Exceptions are made with regard to maintaining the confidentiality of patients' records when releasing information in Worker's Compensation cases, when the patient is suing parties who must protect themselves, when the records are subpoenaed, when required by law to protect public health
The file of an employee that contains information regarding promotions, pay increases, performance evaluations, training, disiplinary acvtions, and letters of recommendations would be considered confidential
Which one of the following situations is illegal the clinic has no wheelchair entrance
Which of the following practices with patient records helps prove in court that good medical practices were followed records are neat, legible, and complete
The Patient's Self Determination Act, which includes "Advance Directives" is intended to make sure all adult patients know their right to control their health care decisions
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