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Chapter 2 Flash Card


a without, not, no. EXAMPLE: Apnea (without breathing)
ad towards, increase. EXAMPLE: ADduct (movement toward the midline of the body)
auto self. EXAMPLE: AUTOgraph (a graft transferred from one part of the patient's body to another)
bi two, double. EXAMPLE: BIcuspid (have two cusps or points)
ab from, away from. EXAMPLE: ABerrant (wandering away from)
an without, not, no. EXAMPLE: ANesthesia (without feeling)
alb/albin/o white. EXAMPLE: ALBino (person who has abnormally white skin)
ante before, in front. EXAMPLE: ANTEcubital ("The Space" in front of the elbow)
bio life. EXAMPLE: BIOlogy (the study of life)
rube red. EXAMPLE: RUBElla (a contagious viral disease charactarized by fever, coldlike symptoms, and a diffuse, fine red rash)
ambi both, both sides. EXAMPLE: AMBIdextrous (able to use both hands well)
brady slow. EXAMPLE: BRADYcardia (slow heartbeat)
circum around. EXAMPLE: CIRCUMduction (movement around in a circle)
pseudo false. EXAMPLE: PSEUDOanorexia ("false anorexia"; a condition in which an individual eats secretly while claiming a lack of appetite and inability to eat)
mono one. EXAMPLE: MONOcyte (a white cell with a singular nucleus)
tachy rapid. EXAMPLE: TACHYcardia (rapid heartbeat)
con together, with. EXAMPLE: CONgenital (born with)
dis free of, to undo. EXAMPLE: DISlocation (the displacement [undoing] of any part of the body from it's normal position)
dys bad, difficult, painful, disordered. EXAMPLE: DYSpnea (difficult breathing)
ecto outside. EXAMPLE: ECTOpic (outside it's normal location- as in an ectopic pregnancy, which occurs in the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus)
endo within, inner. EXAMPLE: ENDOscope (instrument used to look inside the body)
exo outside, outward. EXAMPLE: EXOgenous (originating outside the body)
epi upon, over. EXAMPLE: EPIgastric (upon the stomache)
extra outside, beyond. EXAMPLE: EXTRAhepatic (outside of the liver)
hetero different. EXAMPLE: HETEROgeneous (composed of different or unlike substances)
hydro water. EXAMPLE: HYDROcephalus (an abnormal accumulation of fluid [water] in the head)
hyper excessive. EXAMPLE: HYPERemesis (excessive vomiting)
meta beyond, after. EXAMPLE: METAcarpals (pertaining to the bones after the carpal [wrist] bones; i.e., the hand bones)
idio individual. EXAMPLE: IDIOsyncrasy (an individual sensitivity to effects of a drug caused by inherited or other bodily constitution factors)
infra beneath, below, under. EXAMPLE: INFRAorbital (beneath the bony cavity in which the eyeball is located)
inter between. EXAMPLE: INTERcostal (between the ribs)
juxta near, beside. EXAMPLE: JUXTAarticular (pertaining to a location near a point)
hypo under, below, beneath, less than normal. EXAMPLE: HYPOglycemia (less than normal blood sugar; low blood sugar level)
milli one-thousandth. EXAMPLE: MILLIliter (one-thousandth of a liter)
deca ten. EXAMPLE: DECAde (ten years)
multi many. EXAMPLE: MULTIpara (to bear many "children")
poly many, much, excessive. EXAMPLE: POLYathritis (inflammation of many joints)
non not. EXAMPLE: NONinvasive (pertaining to a diagnostic or therapeutic technique that does not require the skin to be broken [not invaded] or a cavity or organ to be entered)
pan all. EXAMPLE: PANcarditis (inflammation of the entire heart [all])
para near, beside, beyond, two like parts. EXAMPLE: PARAcervical (near, or beside, the cervix)
per through. EXAMPLE: PERcussion (striking through)
post after, behind. EXAMPLE: POSTcibal (after meals)
pre before, in front. EXAMPLE: PREcordial (the region "of the chest wall" in front of the heart)
primi first. EXAMPLE: PRIMIgravida (first pregnancy)
retro backward, behind. EXAMPLE: RETROcecal (pertaining to the region behind the cecum)
sub under, below. EXAMPLE: SUBcutaneous (under the skin)
supra above, over. EXAMPLE: SUPRApubic (above, or over, the pubic area)
sym joined, together. EXAMPLE: SYMpathetic (displaying compassion for another's grief; literally, "joined in disease")
syn joined, together. EXAMPLE: SYNdrome (a group of symptoms joined by a common cause; "running together)
trans across, through. EXAMPLE: TRANSurethral (across, or through, the urethra)
tri three. EXAMPLE: TRIceps ("a muscle" having three heads)
uni one. EXAMPLE: UNInuclear ("a cell" having one nucleus)
xero dryness.
jaund/o yellow. EXAMPLE: JAUNDice (yellow discoloration of the skin)
meso middle. EXAMPLE: MESOderm (the middle of the three layers of the skin)
leuk/o white. EXAMPLE: LEUKoplakia (white, hard, thickened patches firmly attatched to the mucous membrane in areas such as the mouth, vulva, or penis)
xanth/o yellow. EXAMPLE: XANTHoderma (any yellow coloration of the skin)
poli/o gray. EXAMPLE: POLIomyelitis (inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord)
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