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KQSS Domain 3

MTS KQSS Domain 3

List the responsibilities of each of the following members of the training organizational structure: CNO, MPT&E, NETC, Learning Centers, CCMM, Learning Sites CNO-policy for Implementing & supporting DON goals. MPT&E- recruits, develops, manages, and deploys. NETC-Trains those who serve. Learning centers- Give training. CCMM- Develop, revise, maintain courses. Learning site- Maintain facilities and equipment.
Describe the A,C,F type courses of instruction. A-Rating basics/initial training. C-Advanced specialization. F- Individual functional training (paint school)
Describe the instructor qualification process. JIT/Instructor indoc, sit through, test, teach back, 3 sat evals,
Discuss attrition and contrast its meaning in operations and training. Academic drops- grades & Lack of class/lab ability. Non-academic drops- disciplinary, medical, motivational. Disenrollment- administrative decisions(class cancelation).
Discuss the ARB process. CAN BE CONVENED IF: -Course avg falls below min passing grade. -Unable to meet objectives after counseling, remediation, testing, an initial setback. -performance below expected -fails to achieve objectives.
Discuss test failure policies and associated grading criteria. after failure, every effort made to retest. If retest is passed, minimum grade given. failed retest after remediation = ARB.
Who determines what curriculum approach will be used for a curriculum modification within your learning? -Curriculum Control Authority (CCA) determines Task based or PPP (personnel performance profile) based
Who is responsible for maintaining the course audit trail / a master record? Audit trail- CCMM Master Record- Curriculum & Instructional Standards Office (CISO)
Describe the evaluation of instructors in laboratory/classroom/facilitated environments. To ensure TECHNICAL qualifications and instructional TECHNIQUE of instructor.
Discuss the student critique program. Instructor, Course, and Quality of Life
Discuss the importance of Formal Course Reviews and Audit Trails. FCR- conducted annual, biennial, or triennial determined by the CCA, not exceed three years. Checks different course elements and provides feedback (internal & external)
Discuss Kirkpatrick's five levels of evaluation. 1-measures reaction or how well participants liked content. 2-measuers learning. 3-Measures if learner performance/behavior has changed. 4-Measures impact on organization. 5-measures return on investment.
Discuss the elements of a Testing Program within your learning environment. -Test Items, Test(s), Test administration materials: 1-Testing Plan, 2-Test admin data, 3-Test notices, 4-Test interoperability, 5-Test item cross-ref chart.
Discuss the purpose of the learning content management system (LCMS). Provides for creation, storage, reuse, management, and delivery of learning content.
Discuss the purpose of the Learning Management System (LMS). Software to manage student/teacher admin fucntions. To Manage and deliver content.
Discuss the Course Supervisor, Student Control, and Facilitator roles associated with the learning Management System(LMS). Course Supervisor- Troubleshoot technical issues & maintain curriculum. Stucon- first contact with learner & checks learners into LMS. Facilitator- Help learners progress through courses.
What type of courses are considered "High Risk?" if it exposes students and instructors to risk of death or permanent disability.
What section of instruction lists courses that have been designated as "High Risk?" OPNAVINST 1500.75A Section 4d
What is "DOR" and the procedures for conducting one? Drop on Request- admin procedure available to students in voluntary training programs. After removal, submit request with reasons for DOR. NAVPERS 1336/3.
What is a Training Time Out and the procedures for conducting one? Safety procedure allows studens or instructors concerned for safety to stop and clarify training, etc.
What is the purpose of the Emergency Action Plan and how often must it be reviewed for accuracy of information? How often is it to be fully exercised? Activated in event of injury, mishap, emergency. Reviewed monthly. High/moderate risk EAP's exercised annually.
How often are safety stand-downs required? Annually or following mishaps, near misses, major revision/equip modifications.
Describe the 4 quadrants of the human performance system model. Q1- Human performance requirements. Breaks down jobs/tasks into behaviors/competencies. Q2- Design performance solutions. What learner needs to accomplish job/task Q3- Develop, build, integrate tools (ietms, models, etc) Q4- execution and evaluation.
In quadrant 1 of the HPSM, who must validate all individual unit and group job/task requirements? Fleet commanders in cheif (CINCs)
Describe the Navy's new learing model that integrates the technology and human performance requirements into a complete package. Navy Content Object Model(NCOM) is the Navy's version of the SCORM. All content delivered at the NCOM standard is SCORM compliant.
Who performs most of the funtions in the quadrant II and coordinates the activites of quadrant III in the human performance system model(HPSM)? The Government Program Manager or PM
Discuss the fundamentals of the Science of Learning. -Tailored Instruction > Group paced -Building confidence in learners important -Learner self-awareness aids learning -Measurement & Feedback are paramount -Learning is a continual process -Blended solutions
Describe the four major methods of learning in the Navy Learning Model. Reference based- one way learning ex. reading Computer mediated- Learner interacts with computer. ex. games, simulations Collaborative learning- learners teach and guide one another. ex. scenario based training Instructor led- traditional classroom.
Define the following terms commonly used by human performance professionals.-Change management, Competencies, ERNT, Performance Gap. -convergence of two fields of thought -KSA's an individual brings to the job. -Reviews Navy's training system and recommends changes for improvement -Demand for manpower increasing while supply of experience is declining
Define the following terms commonly used by human performance professionals. -Intervention opportunities, KSAT, MOE, MOP. -Classroom, e-learning, OJT, IETMS, Simulations, etc. -KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS-capability, ABILITY-talents/aptitudes, TASKS.. competencies -Measure of Effectiveness- asses impact of training on an organization.
Discuss the Human Performance Improvement Process. HPI is Human performance center's recommended approach to aapyling practice of human performance technology. result based, systematic approach to identifying, assessing, and resolving performance issues within the framework of an organization.
Explain the roesl and responsibilities of the Contracting Officer(CO); Contracting Officer's Representative(COR); Technical Points of Contact(TPOC); ILE Content Sponsor; ILE Project Manager and the ILE Content Devloper. CO-authority to enter/administer/end contracts. COR-CO's rep. TPOC-provide technical direction. ILE content sponsor-approval authority for ILE content. ILE Project Manager-Developes and maintains ILE content. ILE content developer-develops ILE content.
Define "Knowledge Management." Integration of people and processes through technology that facilitates the echange of info
Explain tacit and explicit knowledge. tacit knowledge- gathered through experience. Flows person to person. NKO, OJT, blogs help share this info Explicit- Documented knowledge. delivered vis manuals, books, etc.
Define a Community of Practice (COP). Define a Community of Interest. -Network of people sharing info and knowledge. -Group of people who share a common interest or passion.
Describe the benefits of a Community of Practice. -Improves organizations performance, effectiveness, innovation
Describe two ways to capture/share corporate knowledge. Storytelling- construction of a fictional example to illustrate a point. Conducting interviews- usually with SMEsto gather knowledge for the community and knowledge base.
Explain the relationship between Knowledge Management and Information Technology. Information technology- is merely a tool that helps us share info better. Knowledge- resides in people who use the information.
Define the following terms commonly used by Knowledge management Professionals: Knowledge Share, Knowledge transfer, business rules, best practices, metrics -when information is shared among people -Transferring knowledge from one part of an org to another. -Operations/constraints that apply to an org. ex. a simple business rule -Most efficient and effective ways of accomplishing a task. -Units of measure
One of NETPDTC's fucntions in Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) is to publish an annual list of what type of information? -A list of PQS available to the fleet and current model managers
What is the function of a PQS? -Ensures required competency before performing specific duties.
In formal trainingcourses where PQS lines may be signed, what procedure is followed to inform a receiving command which line items have been completed and signed? -A Letter certifying completion of items is forwarded to next duty station.
What are the rules for handling classified student notes? -Collected prior to graduated and not immediately forwarded to receiving commands
What are the procedures for the disposition of school notes that are not reusable? -Destroyed
Are there any exeptions to the no forwarding policy? -Yes, case by case, but only forwarded to the command (not individual.
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