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ALH 122 Chap 8

ALH 122 Chap 8 - Senders, SBC Portland

amni/o amnion
cervic/o cervix
colp/o vagina
colposcopy visualization of the vagina with a colposcope
episi/o vulva
vulva external female genitalia
vulvodynia pain in the external female genitalia
episiotomy incision through the skin of the perineum to prevent tearing during child birth
glact/o milk
galactorrhea abnormal discharge of milk from the breasts
gynec/o female, woman
gynecomastia enlargement of breast tissue in men
hyster/o uterus
lact/o milk
mamm/o breast tissue
mast/o breast tissue
mastectomy removal of the breast
hysterectomy removal of the uterus
men/o menses, menstruation
nat/i birth
my/o muscle
neonatal new birth, recent birth
obstetr/o pregnancy and childbirth
oocyte immature egg
ovum mature egg
ova multiple mature eggs
ovari/o ovary
ovul/o egg
ovluation to release an egg
anovulatory not releasing an egg
perineum skin between the vaginal opening and the anus
salping/o fallopian tubes
salpingectomy to remove the fallopian tubes
hysterosalpingectomy to remove the uterus and the fallopian tubes
oophorectomy to remove the ovavies (I don't know why it isn't ovarectomy, I know, it's confusing. This literally means to remove the structure that bears the eggs...)
vaginitis vaginal infection/inflammation
fimbrae finger-like projections at the ends of the fallopian tubes that surround the ovaries
-gravida pregnant, pregnancy
-parous bearing, bringing forth, having delivered
nulli- none, no, not
nulliparous never having been pregnant
cervicitis infection/inflammation of the cervix
PID pelvic inflammatory disease
amniocentesis aspiration of amniotic fluid to check fetal DNA
cervical dysplasia abnormal cell growth of the cervical cells
Created by: asenders