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List 1 - SAT words

Freshman English list for List 1 - SAT words

decrease, reduce, to lessen abate
to give up a position, right, or power; to give up the crown abdicate
something diffferent from the usual, not normal aberration
to aid; act as accomplice, to help out in crime abet
temporary supperesion or suspension, a temporary wipeout abeyance
miserable; pitiful, poverty abject
to reject, abadon formally, neglect abjure
act of cleansing (for soul and spirit) ablution
to deny; renounce (legally) abnegate
to condense, shorten abridge
to put an end to, abolish by authority abrogate
to depart secretly abscond
difficult to comprehend abstruse
to express approval; agree to accede
praise, distinction, award accolade
to approach and speak to someone even with a threat accost
growth in size or increase in amount (finance world) accreation
to accumulatte, grow by additions (finance world) accrue
bitter, sharp in taste or temper acerbic
highest point; summit acme
harsh, bitter (taste) acrid
bitterness, animosity, hatred acrimony
sharpness of insight, clever acumen
old saying or proverb adage
something added, attached, or joined; extra adjunct
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