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OB Chapt 18

Chapter 18 -OB

amenorrhea no mentrual flow
amnion inner layer if membrane
amniotic fluid protects baby in womb
amniotic sac double membrane
areola dark pigmented area around nipple
ballottement fluid check
Braxton hicks contractions tightenening feeling, very minor contractions
cerclage suturing of the cervix
Chadwick's sign bluish cervix
cholasma patches of tan
chorion outer layer of membrane
coitus sex
colostrum yellow secretion from breast
conception union of sperm and egg
corpus luteum forms from ovarion follicle secreted pregnancy hormones
eclampsia sever hypertension
edema water retention
effacement thinning of cervix
embryo product of conception thru 8 weeks
endometrium inner lining of uterus
episiotomy cutting the perineum
fetoscope scope to hear fetal heartbeat
fetus developing baby
fimbriae fingerlike helps move egg into fallopian tubes
fundus top aspect of uterus
gamete sperm or ovum
gastroesophaeal reflux gastric juices into esophagus
gestation term of pregnancy
gonads ovaries, or testies
Goodell's sign softening of the cervix
gravida pregnant women
Hegar's sign softening of lower uterus
hypertension high blood pressure
hypotension low blood pressure
labor time and process of birth
lactation secretion of milk
laparoscopy visualization of the abdominal cavity
leukorrhea white discharge
lightening settleing of head into pelvis
linea nigra dark midline on abdomen
lithotomy position patient lies on back with legs in sturrips
lordosis forward curve of spine
multipara women given birth after 20 weeks
Nagele's Rule calulation of expected date of birth
neonatology specialize in newborns
nullipara women who never complete a pregnancy beyond 20 weeks
obstetrician specialize in women, pregnancy and delivery
ovulation release of mature ovum
placenta highly vascular disc shaped organ
preeclampsia high blood pressure
pregnancy intrauterine development of fetus
primipara 1st birth after 20 weeks
quickening feeling of fetal movement
straie gravidarum stretch marks
trimester division of pregnancy
waddling gait manner of walk
abortion termination of pregnancy
abruptio placenta premature separation of the implanted placenta
ectopic pregnancy pregnancy developing outside of the uterus
gestational diabetes diabetes developed during pregnancy
hyperemesis gravidarium abnormal vomiting and dehydration
incompetent cervix dialates early
bloody show discharge caused by cervix opening
rupture of amniotic sac onset of labor
sudden burst of energy before onset of labor
amniocentesis surgical puncture of amniotic sac
Cesarean section baby delivered transabdominally
Contraction stress test oxytocin challenge test
pelvic ultrasound high frequency sound wave
pelvimetry measuring pelvis
pregnancy test urine or blood testing level of HCG hormone
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