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3510 chp 3


diaphysis shaft of a long bone
tarsal seven short bones in the ankle
manubrium the upper portion of the sternum
synovial joint moveable / created where two bones articulate to permit a variety of motions
pubis bone located just below the urinary bladder
formen opening in a bone through which the blood vessels, nerves, and ligaments pass
ligament connects one bone to another bone
acetabulum hip socket
phalanges bones of the fingers and toes
process normal projection on the surface of a bone that serves as an attachment for muscles and tendons
sternum breast bone
zygomatic cheekbones
clavicle collarbone
patella kneecap
olecranon process point of the elbow
arthrolysis surgical procedure for loosening of an ankylosed joint
fibrous dysplasia bone disorder of unknown cause that destroys normal bone structure and replaces it with fibrous (scar-like) tissue
allogenic bone marrow transplant uses bone marrow from a donor
vertebroplasty percutaneous---- performed to treat osteoporosis related compression fractures
osteorathritis medical term for the form of arthritis that is commonly known as wear-and-tear arthritis
lambago lower back pain
osteoclasis surgical fracture of a bone to correct a deformity
ankylosing spondylitis form of rheumatoid arthritis characterized by progressive stiffening of the spine
osterorraphy surgical suturing, or wiring together, of bones
crepitation the sound that is heard when the ends of a broken bone move together
osteonecrosis death of bone tissue
lordosis curvature of the lower or lumbar spine
spina bifida a congenital defect
myeloma a malignant tumor composed of cells derived from blood-forming tissues of the bone marrow
callu the bulging deposit that forms around the area of the break during the healing of a fractured bone
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