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Marino Mission CHP 3

SAT vocab from chapter three

animated full of movement and activity
domestic devoted to home duties and pleasures
limitation something that limits; restraint
covet to wish for enviously
deliberate characterized by or resulting from careful and thorough consideration
cultivating fostering, furthering, encouraging
desolate desertved, isolated
wary marketed by keen caution
usurp to take the place of by or as if by force; supplant
consign commit, especially to a final destination or fate
debatable arguable, worthy of debate or consideration
comrade an intimate friend or associate; companion
flourish grand gesture, display (also has another meaning, to thrive)
denounce to pronounce (especially publicly) to be bad, blameworthy, or evil
disgruntled discontent, unhappy
emphatically with emphasis, forcefully
affirming expressing dedication
asserted to declare forcefully
upstart unknown, insignificant person, low on the totem pole
hospitable promising or suggesting generous and cordial welcome
elaborate give details, expand upon a subject
protocol the plan of a scientific experiment
empowering yielding power or authority
impulsively spontaneously, on a whim
omnipresent present in all places at all times
authoritatively with authority, commandingly,, convincingly
impetuous marked by impulsive vehemence or passion
parched very dry, dehydrated (can also mean very thirsty)
ubiquitous existing or being everywhere at the same time
franchise the license granted to an individual or group to market a company's goods or services in a particular territory
encampment the state of being encamped (to place or establish in a camp)
perspective point of view
deprived marked by deprivation, especially a lack of the necessities of life or of healthful environmental influences
mendicant beggar
beseech to beg for urgently or anxiously
subsist to thave or acquire teh necessities of life (such as food and clothing)
penurious marked by a cramping and oppressive lack of resources (as in money)
patrons customers
ethnicity ethnic quality or affiliation
ostracized to exclude form a group by common consent
scurried scampered; to move in or as if in a brisk, rapidly alternating step
translucent clear, transparent
serendipitously obtained by serendipity (the faculty of finding valuable or agreeable things accidentally)
decadent self-indulgent
archaic characteristic of an earlier or more primitive time
dingy dirty, discolored
unintelligible incomprehensible, making no sense
deflect to turn from a straight course or fixed direction; bend
lithe characterized by easy flexibility and grace
exorbiantly excessively; exeedingly
extricate to release from entanglement or difficulty
evade avoid, doge
perspicacity having acute mental vision or discernment; clear-sighted; shrewd
proximity nearness, closeness
divulge reveal, tell
indiscretion something (an act or a remark) marked by a lack of discretion (cautious reserve)
discretionary left to discreation, exercised at one's own discretion (the quality of being discreet; cautious reserve in speech)
feigned fictitious, faked; artificial
efficaciously effective, having the power to ahieve the desired effect
inundate to overwhelm with abundance; as if with a flood
foraged searched; rummaged
corrosive having the power to break down or eat away at something (can also mean very sarcastic)
soluble able to dissolve in a liquid
denouement finale, conclusion
lull quiet period
coalesce to arise form the combination of distict elements; to unite into a whole
enigmatic something hard to understand or explain; mysterious
propensity an often intense natural inclination or preference
debilitation impairing the strength of
bequeathing handling down, transmitting
invigorating stimulating, energizing
Created by: ktlarge18
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