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Civil Liberties individual freedoms that place limits on the power of government. Rules that keep gov. limited
Civil rights rights gauranteed by 13, 14, 15, 19, amendments and protected by government refers to the fair treatment and prevention of discrimination
Incorporation the process via the SC to make BOR applicable to states
selective inc incorporation on a case by case basis
Freedom of Religion: Supported by Jefferson and Madison, who liked universal freedom of conscience
Arguments: 1. history has shown that when church and state are linked all ind. freedoms are jeopardized2. detrimental effect of polotics on religion3. negative impact of religion and politics
Rights conflict in two ways -individual rights- school prayer -individual rights vs. good of society-drug laws
Bill of Rights -first 10 amendments - opposed my federalist because the constitution -support by antiferderalist - compromise to help ratify cons
Establishment Clause 1st amendment gaurantee that gov. will not create and support an official state religion - separationist vs. accomodationist
Free exercise Clause 1st amendment gaurentee that citizens may freely engage in the religious activities of their choice
Values of Freedom of speech: informed citizenry, watchdog for goverment, voice minority, preservation of the truth
Retrictions on Sedition Clear and present danger test imminent lawless action test
Other Restricted speech symbolic speech, obscenity and pornography, fightings words and offensive speech
freedom of Press Prior Restraint-restriction on press before published censorship Libel- written defamation of character
In defense of the second amendment -protect hunting and other leisure activities -self defense -protect family and property -not the gov, business to regulate gun use
in opposition to second amendment -arguments in favor dont apply to the amendment -gun control leads to less violence and fewer gun related deaths -no right to absolute
Rights of Criminal Defendants 1. laws are reasonable and fair 2. have rt to appear before a judge 3. rt to legal cousel 4. rt to present a defense
Rights to privacy are.... 1,3,4,5,9
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