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Pathology QIV:QIIb

Diseases of the Reproductive System

inflammation of the testes orchitis
inflammation of the epididymis epididymitis
inflammation of the prostate gland prostatitis
infection of the reproductive tract caused by Neisseria gonorrheae gonorrhea
infection caused by the spirochete Treponema pallidum syphilis
primary syphilis lesion chancre
secondary syphilis lesion skin rash
tertiary syphilis lesion gummas
infection caused by chlamydia trachomatis, one of the most widespread of the STDs (two names) non-specific urethritis, non-gonoccal urethritis
caused by herpes simplex II-painful itchy ulcerations/blisters on genitals genital herpes
edema of the scrotum hydrocele
associated with hormone imbalance in later years, caused by prostatic enlargement benign prostatic hyperplasia
failure of the testicles to descend from the pelvic cavity into the scrotum cryptorchism
inflammation of the ovaries oophoritis
inflammation of the fallopian tubes salpingitis
inflammation of the uterus (two terms) metritis, uteritis
inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus endometritis
inflammation of the lining of the cervix endocervicitis
inflammation of the vagina vaginitis
inflammation of the mammary glands mastitis
infection of the reproductive tract following childbirth puerperal sepsis
infection of the reproductive tract associated with prolonged tampon use toxic shock syndrome
toxemia of pregnancy may lead to edema in extremities and face, high blood pressure, and _____ - characterized by convulsions, coma, and death eclampsia
an embryo attempts to develop in the fallopian tube tubal pregnancy
fertilized ovum attempts to develop in the abdominal cavity abdominal pregnancy
condition where endometrial tissue is located elsewhere in the pelvic or abdominal area endometriosis
abdominal and tubal pregnancies are referred to as _____ pregnancies ectopic
benign neoplasm of the ovaries containing an oily material secreted by the sebaceous glands formed in the walls of the cyst dermoid cyst
benign ovarian tumor that develops from the surface epithelium of the ovary cystadenoma
malignant tumor that develops from the surface epithelium of the ovary cystadenocarcinoma
squamous cell carcinoma affecting many women worldwide cervical cancer
fibroid tumors of the uterus, common benign tumors which develop from the smooth muscle fibers in the walls of the uterus leiomyomas of the uterus
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