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Glossary Case # 5

Hillcrest Transcription, Case # 5 The Urinary System

atrophy a wasting away; a reduction in the size of cell, tissue, organ or tother body part due to a variety of factors such as malnutrition an/or ischemia
autonomic self-controlling, self-governing; functionally independent
Bactrim DS trade name for a conbination antibiotic and sulfonamide anti-infective used for urinary tract, respiratory tract, and ear infections
bruit a sound or murmur heard on ascultation, especially an abnormal one; primaryly used in the plural, buits
BUN abbreviation for blood urea nitrogn (a laboratory test done on blood)
carotid the main artery on eiether side of the neck that supplies blood to the head and neck
CBC abbreviation for complete blood count
cholecystectomy surgical removal of the gallbladder
copora anylacea small hyaline masses of degenerate cells found in the prostate (sing, copus amylaceum)
creatinine a waste product of protein metabolism excreted in the urine; a blood test to check kidney function
cystourethroscope an instrument for examining the urinary bladder and posterior urethra
cystourethroscopy process of visually examining the urinary blader and posterior urethra
diverticulum an abnormal, cirumscribed pouch or sac in the intestinal wall (pl. diverticula)
dysuria painful or difficult urination
efflux a flowing out of emanating
electrocardiogram (EKG) a graphic tracing of the electrical changes in heart muscle (sometimes abbreviated ECG)
Foley catheter a catheter placed int the bladder and retained by a balloon for the urpose of draining urine from the baldder, trade name
French scale a scale used for indication the sized of catheters and other tubular instrucments, based on a measurement of each unit being approximately equvalent to 0.33 mm in diameter i.e. 1 mm= #3 French
gastrointesinal (GI) pertaining to the stocmach and intestine
granuloma (sing) a tumorlike mass or nodule consisting of granulation tissue (pl. granulomata)
granulomatous composed of graulomata
hyperplasia an abnormal increase in the number of cells in a tissue or organ
hypotension abnormally low blood pressure
Hytrin trande name for terazosin, an anthypertensive drug
induration the quality of tissue or an organ being hard; the processs of hardening
indwell to dwell in ; reside within
lithiasis the fromation of calculi or mineral concretion (solidified masses) within the body
lithotomy incision of a duct or organ, often the urinary bladder, for removal of caculi (stones)
optic fundi pertaining to the back of the interior of the eyes
orifice the opening of any cavity in the body
orthostatic pertaining to or caused by and upright position
prostate a gland in the male that surrounds the neck of the ruinary bladder and the urethra
prothrombin a factor in the blood plasma that combines with calcium to form thrombin during blood clotting
PTT partial trhomboplasin time; one laboratory test to determine how fast the blood clots
rale (Fr) an abnormal respiratory sound heard on auscultation, indicatin some pathologic condition; primarily used int he plural form; rales
renal pertaining to the kidney
resect to surgially remove part of an organ or tissue
resectoscope an endoscopic instrument used for transurethral removal or biopsy of lesion of bladder, prstate, or urethra
sphincter a ring-sahped muscle that can open or close a natural orifice by expanding or contracting.
splenomegaly enlarment of the spleen
stroma the supporting tissue fo an organ, as distinguised from its functional element
trabeculate marked with cross bars
trabeculation the formation of trabeculae (strands of connective tissue) in a part
transurethral resection (TUR) a surgical procedure to relieve urinary obastruction by reaming out the enlarmed part of the gland that is encroaching on the urethra an dblocking the outflow or urine
van Buren sounds surgical instruments used to dilate a structure or to detect a foreign body, name after Dr. William va Buren
void (V) to eliminate a waste matter
Wheeze and abnormal wishtling sound made during respiration
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