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Glossary Case # 4

Hillcrest Transcription, Case # 4 The Integumentary System

albeit even though
albumin a necessary protein substance produced in the liver; levels are reduced in malnutrition and in hepatic and renal diseases
arthitis inflammation of the joints
azathioprine generic drug used in treating rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases
Azulfidine trade name for sulfasalazine, an antibacterial agent.
chlorambucil generic drug used in chemotherapy, an antineoplastic agent
compression fracture any break or rupture of bone due to compression, e.g. , the bones in the spinal column
corticosteroids a group of steroids (or lipids) used clinically in immune suppression, in hormonal replacement, etc.
cyclophosphamide generic drug used in chemotheraphy, an antineoplastic agent
debilitating causing weakness or lack of strength
dehydration condition resulting from either excessive loss or inadequate intake of body water
dermatology the study of the skin
diffuse widely distributed, not concentrated; (v) to pass through or disperse through tissue or body structure
Disalcid trade name for a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat minor pain, fever, and arthritis
distally in a remote direction; opposite of proxmal or near
Dolobid trade name ofr diflunisal; used to treat mild to moderate pain
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
ecchymosis a small spot on the skin or mucous membrane forming a nonelevated, blue or purplish patch; a bruise (pl. ecchymoses)
enteritis inflammation of the intesine, paticularly the small intestine
erosion destruction of the surface of the epidermis (skin), which heals withoug scar tissue
erythema redness of the skin produced by abnormal accumulation of blood
erythema multiforme a symptom complex including multiple skin lesions of varying degrees of severity
exophthalmos abnormal protrusion of the eyeball
exudate any fluid that has escaped from blood vessels and been deposited in tissues, usually due to an injury or inflammation
fissuring splitting, normal or othewise; can include painful ulcerations
flare area of redness of the skin
folic acid a B comoplex vitamin, the lack of which can result in severe anemia and birht defects
gingiva the pale pink tissues of the oral mucosa, othewise known as the gums.
HCTZ abbreviation for hydrochlorotthiazide, a generic diuretic medication used to treat edema and hypertension
hydroxychloroquine generic drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis
hyperpigmentation abnormally increased coloration
hyporeflexia decreased reflexes
IV hydration receiving fluids intravenously
injection the condition of being cogested or overloaded with blood
intravenous within or through a vein
kyphosis abnormally incresed curvature of the thoracic spine; humpback
leucovorin generic drug used to treat both anemia an malignancies
Lidex gel trade name for topically applied gel; an anti-inflmmaatory agent
liver enzymes those protein molecules that induce necessary chemical reactions in the liver; a group of laboratory testes on blood or serum that give the values of the proteins
macular pertaining to the presences of a macule; a nonelevated, discolored spot ont the skin
methrotrexate generic chemotherapy drug used also in immunosuppressive disorders
nephrocalcinosis diffusely scattered calcifications in the kidneys leading to renal insufficiency
NSAID abbreviation for nonsterroidal anti-inflammatory drug
osteoporosis reduction in the amount of bone mass leading to pahtologic fractures
palate roof of the mouth
penicillamine generic drug, a product of penicillin; used to treat rheumatoid arthritis
perimalleolar around the bony protuberance on either side of ankle
pitting edema when too much fluid is in the tissues (edema), a ginger pressing on the skin leaves ptting indentations or areas of pitting in the skin
p.o per os (by mouth)
posterior pharynx the back of the throat
prednisone generic anti-inflammatory drug
Premarin trade name for preparations of estrogen, the female hormone
quiescent at rest; inactive
regimen a trictly regulated plan of therapy, diet, exercise, or other activity designed to achieve a certain goal
rheumaoid arthritis chronic systemic, painful joint desease that can result in deformities
serum cholesterol the level of cholesterol (a complex organic compound systehsized in the liver and other tissues) found in the serum; high levels of cholesterol can clog arteries and can form gallstones
stasis edema stagnation of the flow of blood or fluids resulting in swelling
Steven-Johnson syndrome a severe, sometimes fatal multisystemic form of erythema multiforme
stomatitis inflammation of the oral mucosa, the mucous membrane of the mouth
t.i.d. ter in die (three times a day)
topically referring to a surface area: applying a substance to a certain surface area of the skin
total protein a laboratory test to determine the level of all proteins in the serum
vertebral bodies any of the 33 bones of the spinal canal
volume depletion dehydrated state
Westergren sedimentation rate standard laboratory test to dertmine the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)using a tube and a method designed by ALf Westerngreen a Sweedish physician born in 1891
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