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specialsense vocab 2

special sense vocab week 2

vagas nerve 10th cranial nerve
thalamus relay center of the brain
spinal nerve 31 pairs of nervesw airising from spinal cord
sensory nerve carries messages toward brain and spinal cord; affarent nerve
sciatic nerve extends from the base of the spine down the thigh, leg and foot
pons bridge connecting various parts of the brain
pia mater thin, delicate inner membrane of meninges
peripheral nervous system nerves outside braind and spinal cord
neuron nerve cell that carries impulses throughout the body
nerves macroscopic cord-like collection of fibers that carry nerve impulses
meninges 3 protective membranes that surround brain and spinal cord
medulla oblongata above spinal cord; controls brething, heart rate, and size of blood vessels
hypothalamus beneath thalamus; controls sleep, appetite, body temperature
ganglion collection of nerve cell bodies
myelin sheath covering of white fatty tissue that surrounds and insulates the axon
cranial nerves 12 pairs of nerves that carry messages to and from the brain with regard to head and neck; vagas nerve
cerebrum largest part of the brain, voluntary muscle activity
cerebrospinal fluid circulates throughout the brain and spinal cord
cerebral cortex outer region of the cerebrum, contains sheets of nerve cells, gray mater
cerebellum posterior part of the brain that coordinates muscle movement and maintain balance
central nervous system brain and spinal cord
cauda equina collection of spinal nervves below the end of the spinal cord
brainstem lower portion of the brain that connects cerebrum with spinal cord
autonomic nervous system nerves that control involuntary body functions of muscles, glands and internal organs
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