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6 Review Questions B

A condition that produces a reduction in bone mass sufficient to compromise normal function is osteoporosis
A major difference between bone tissue and other connective tissues lies in The composition of the intercellular substance of bone
the following statements concerning the periosteum of a bone is NOT true All bone in the body is covered by periosteum
the following factors is NOT believed to affect bone growth Increased intake of protein
During fetal development intramembranous ossification takes place in connective tissue membranes
Elevated levels of calcium ion in the blood stimulate the secretion of the hormone calcitonin
Endochondral and intramembranous are terms that are used to describe the development of bone
Endochondral ossification begins with the formation of a cartilage model.
the following is NOT a function of the skeletal system Hormone production
increasing the proportion of organic molecules to inorganic components in the bony matrix affect the physical characteristics of bone The bones would be more flexible.
Long bones differ from flat bones in that long bones have epiphyses
The bones of the skeleton store energy reserves as lipids in areas of yellow marrow
The cells that maintain mature compact bone are osteocytes.
The lacunae of bone contain osteocytes
The process of bone growth at the epiphyseal plate is similar to endochondral ossification
The two types of osseous tissue are compact bone and spongy bone.
When cartilage is produced at the epiphyseal side of the metaphysis at the same rate as bone is deposited on the opposite side, bones grow longer
When the epiphyseal plate is replaced by bone long bones have reached their adult length
Intramembranous ossification begins within a connective tissue membrane
A fracture in the shaft of a bone would occur in the diaphysis.
Growth of a cartilage in which the chondrocytes within the matrix become active and proliferate is known as interstitial growth.
Osteocytes maintain contact with the blood vessels of the central canal through canaliculi.
Spongy bone contains all of the following except true osteons.
The bones in the long axis of the body make up the axial skeleton.
the following is a canal-like passageway meatus
the following characteristics of skeletal cartilage limits its thickness It is avascular and receives most of its nourishment from the perichondrium that surrounds it.
the following structures is made of elastic cartilage the epiglottis
The menisci of the knee are made of fibrocartilage.
the following statements best describes interstitial growth of cartilage Chondrocytes divide and secrete new matrix from within the cartilage.
bones act to alter the direction of tendon pull. Sesamoid
All of the following are stored in the matrix of bones except vitamin D.
A narrow slit-like opening in a bone is referred to as a spine
the following structures anchors the periosteum to the underlying bone perforating
the following is the site where bone marrow is routinely sampled in an adult the sternum
Bone forming cells originate from osteoprogenitor cells.
A Haversian system is the functional unit of lamellar bone.
The twisting of a long bone is prevented by circumferential lamella
It is currently thought that sacrificial bonds between_______ provide resilience to bone tissue. collagen molecules
Hydroxyapatite in bone matrix that gives bone its hardness is primarily composed of calcium and phosphates
65% of bone mass is composed of hydroxyapatites.
In the human embryo, before eight weeks the skeleton is composed of fibrous membrane
type of bone only has primary ossification centers short bones
In month three of endochondral ossification, the first structure to be formed is a collection of elements known as the ____________ that invades the bone cavities present at this time. periosteal bud
Every week we recycle _____ of our bone mass. 5%
the following statements about osteoclasts is incorrect Osteoclasts only reabsorb old bone matrix.
the following hormones' primary function is to regulate bone density leptin
If a breastfeeding mother becomes vitamin D deficient, what is the most likely disease to develop in the nursing infant?\\ ricket
the following fractures would be the most likely not to heal a comminuted fracture
alendronate help treat osteoporosis It suppresses osteoclast activity.
All bones of the skeleton below the base of the skull are developed by endochondral ossification except the clavicle
A condition that produces a reduction in bone mass sufficient to compromise normal function is osteomyelitis. False
Collagen in the bone matrix provides flexible strength True
Endochondral ossification begins with the formation of a calcified model. False
Excess growth hormone prior to puberty would result in gigantism. True
Mature bone cells are called chondrocytes False
Parathyroid hormone stimulates osteoblast activity. False
Scapulae are formed by intramembranous ossification False
Secondary ossification centers occur in the center of the diaphysis. False
The central canal of an osteon contains osteocytes. False
The hormone calcitonin functions to decrease the calcium ion in the blood. True
The most abundant mineral in the human body is calcium. True
The presence of an epiphyseal line indicates that long bone growth is still in process. False
The shaft of the long bone is called the diaphysis. True
The type of bone that is adapted to withstand stresses that arrive from a limited range of directions is compact bone. True
Vitamin D is necessary for the formation of the organic framework of bone. False
Osseous tissue is avascular. False
Appositional growth in a skeletal cartilage will increase its overall length. False
A metacarpal is an example of a long bone True
An increase in parathyroid hormone can cause bones to become porous and brittle. True
Increasing the percentage of collagen in a bone would make it become more rigid. False
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