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FLAVIN MedTerm1010

MIDTERM REVIEW Medical Terminology COMPLETE 2011 Flavin

-stomy surgical creation of an opening
humpback (posterior thoracic protrusion ) kyphosis
digestive GI
mono- one
poly- many
epi- above, over
anti- against
neo- new
micro- small
-osis condition of
tri- three
lateral curve of spine scoliosis
sprain tear of ligaments
ab- take away
a- lack of or without
strain muscles are torn
leuk/o white
hem/o blood
anatomy study of the body structure
suffix end of word
neuro nerves
-itis inflammation
mamm/o breast
my/o muscle
ad- toward
-al pertaining to
oligo- scanty or little (small amt.)
trans- through or across
dys- difficult
algia pain
hydro- water
auto- self
sub- below or beneath
hypo- under
ante- in front
ambi- both
multi- many
necrosis death, condition of
-graphy instrument for recording
EMG electromyogram
path/o disease
mal- bad
my/o muscle
post- after
tachy- fast
-algia pain
podiatrist foot specialitst
dermat/o skin
melano black
laryng/o voice box
poster/o back
-philia love for
erythro red
-penia small
scoli/o curvature
sub- under or below
pruritus itching
eu- normal or good
hyper- above
prefix in front of a word
different heter-
anatomical medical position palms and feet forward
-phobia fear
strain involving muscles
pulling or wrenching of a muscle strain
mamm/o breast
apnea lack of breathing
homeostasis internal stability
-logy study of
cardi/o heart
throat pharynx
-plasty repair
organs two or more tissues form these
-emesis vomiting
scopy to view
kyphosis hump back
myalgia muscle pain
Greek and Latin The two languages that make up medical words.
chronic long term
rhin/o nose
-sclerosis hardening
cyt/o cell (basic form of life)
brady- slow
suturing -rraphy
myc/o fungus
dry xer/o
tendonitis inflammation of the tendons
Bx biopsy
-plasty surgical repair
arthr/o joint
phonetic assist with pronunciation
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
-logy study of
eponym famous people
macro- large
-oma tumor
condition -osis
anaphylaxis shock (systemic response possibly fatal)
psychology study of the mind
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
orth/o straight
bone oste/o
nevus mole
hepat/o liver
hives urticaria
oma tumor
lysis destruction of or disolve
axilla armpit
hemi- half
tom/o to cut
vomiting -emesis
surgically crush -tripsy
internal fixation using pins, screws or plates to stabalize align bones
-sclerosis hardening
back dorsal
kyphosis hump back
lordosis spine curves forward pushing stomache outward
rhin/o nose
anti against
gout disorder affecting the big toe
Bx biopsy
arthr/o joint
fungus myc/o
suturing -rraphy
bisect to cut into two parts
infer/o below
macro- large
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
orth/o straight
excessive hyper-
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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