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Q&A CMA CH 1 1-50

Ch 1 Q1-50

The word pod- means foot
The suffix- phagia means eating
Onycho- is a combing form that means nail
Coreo- is a combining form that means pupil
A combining form that means "umbilicus" or "navel" is Omphalo-
Ex- is a prefix that means outside
"Antefebrile" means before fever
A word that means "suture of the region over the stomach" is Epigastrorrhaphy
An "antipyretic" is an agent that works against fever
A lateral curvature of the spine is a deformity called scoliosis
The side of the body containing the backbone is posterior
The cavity containing the heart and lungs is the Thoracic cavity
A condition of the body that is abdormal and presents a group of clinical signs and laboratory findings is known as a/an disease
A nerve that carries an impulse toward the brain is a/an afferent nerve
Levels of organization of the body range from atomic to organismic. Which is the basic structural unit of the body? cell
A word to indicate the splitting open a wound is dehiscence
The scar left by a healed wound is a cicatrix
A bluish discoloration of the skin is cyanoderma
Enlargement of the heart is megalocardia
Low blood pressure is known as hypotension
A herniation or projection of brain tissue from it's natural cavity is an encephalocele
A combining word meaning softening is malaco-
A combing form meaning joint arthro-
A combining form meaning development is -trophy
A suffix meaning repair is -plasty
A word that means "incision into the skull" is craniotomy
Swirling water baths are a form of hydrotherapy
The sticking together of tissues that are normally seoerated is referred to as adhesion
A discharge from the nose is rhinorrhea
Excision of the gallbladder is called a cholecystotomy
Inflammation of the middle ear is otitis media
A word that means "surgical tapping of the chest to remove fluids" is thoracocentesis
A disease of the periodontal area symptomized by the flow of pus is pyorrhea
Pus-forming bacteria are also described as pyogenic
A darkly pigmented malignant mole of the skin is a melenoma
A collection of air in the chest cavity is pneumothorax
A hemorrhage of the bladder is cystorrhagia
A word meaning "suturing of the eye-lids" is blepharorrhaphy
Making a new opening between the ureter and bladder is uretercystostomy
Enlargement of the kidney is nephromegaly
A part of the urinary tract that collects urine in the kidney is the renal pelvis
A term used to describe a prolapse of the uterus is hysteroptosis
Destruction or breakdown of fat is called lipolysis
A word that means "inflammation of many joints" is polyarthritis
A word that means "working together" is synergetic
Macrodactylia means very large fingers or toes
Diathermy means generating heat through tissues
A myelocele is a herniation of the spinal cord
Surgical crushing of a nerve is neurotripsy
Symptoms indicating an approaching disease are its prodrome
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