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Med 280 mt

mid term

BMP basic metabolic panel
Jaundice (Icteric) Specimens that take on a dark yellow or brownish color.
CLIA '88 Provides accredidations for physicians
POL Physicians office laboratory
Hemotology responsible for running tests such as a complete blood count
clinical chemistry runs tests such as electrolytes and CMP.
CMP comprehensive metabolic panel.
Toxixology runs tests for drugs of abuse
pathology In charge of pap smears and biopsies
coagulation runs PT and PTT tests
Infectious waste blood products, blood or anything contaminated with blood
analytes Substance or material determined by chemical analysis
Immunology / serology runs tests such as antibody and antigen screens.
Lypemic specimen milky appearance
hemolyzed specimen red appearance
Icteric specimen yellow in appearance
What are some examples of a CLIA waived test> rapid test, mononucleosis, UA dipstick, hemoglobin, hematocrit, pregnancy, occult blood
Is a chemistry test a CLIA waived test? no
MSDS material safety data sheets
What is found in an MSDS? chemical name, its properties, flammability
Can a POL perform a chemistry panel? no
What type of POL has the ability to perform a chemistry panel? oncology and dialysis
What are 5 important things on a lab report? Patient info - name, DOB, age , sex Physicians name Lab info - name address results assesion #
Name 6 departments in a clinical laboratory chemistry, serology, hemotology, urinalysis, toxicology, pathology, immunology, coagulation and microbiology
What is the turn around time on a lab test that is ordered STAT? $ hours from the time of collection
Homeostasis balance
What is ALT? (SGPT) Alanine amniotransferase
Fe iron
PTT Partial thromboplastin time
APTT Activated Partial thromboplastin time
PT Prothrombin time
CEA carcinoembryonic antigen
BUN blood urea nitrogen
ALT or AGPT alanine amniotransferase
Pco2 CO2 partial pressure
O2 oxygen saturation
Po2 oxygen partial pressure
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