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vocab law wk4

vocab law and ethics wk 4

terminal decontamination process of rendering all articles free of pathogens at the end of an operative procedure
sterilizer equipment or chamber used to attain physical or chemical sterilization
aeration act of airing
high vacuum/gravity sterilizer pulls air out of the chamber by a vaccum and steam is injected to replace it
sterilant substancethat kills all forms of living mayyer including spore-bearing ones
saturated sterilizer steam that contains the maximum amount of water vapor
gravity sterilizer smaller version of sterilizer; its size is capable of reaching higher temps with reduced exposure time and is better adapted to use in the or
sporicidal agent capable of killing spore-forming organisms in the free spore state
autoclave sterilizer
shelf-life length of time a wrapped package remains sterile while in storage
ethylene oxide highly explosive and flammable gas used as chemical sterilant
bacteriocidal agent that kills bacteria
inanimate nonliving
bacteriostatic agent that retards or prevents bacterial growth
denaturation to change the vial functions, forces and activities of an organ
washer-sterilizer uses agitated water with detergent to loosen soil
disinfectant agent that kills all microorganisms except spore-bearing ones
ionizing radiation method of sterilization with colbalt 60 used by manufacturers
gluteraldehyde(cidex) liquid chemical sterilant and disinfectant
lumen space within a tube
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