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Terminology Unit 2

MOD 170

Active Records A record of a patient who has been seen in the past few years and is currently being treated, usualy from one to five years
Addendum Is an addition to the original document; "Correction"
Alphabetic Filling The mos common system for filling records in a physicians office, based on placing files in an A to Z order
Chronological Medical Record Follow the patient over a period of time, with each visit consisting of a new entry by date, rather than by symptoms or diagnosis
Closed Records A record of a patient who has actively terminated his or her contract witht he physician. The files are kept in storage for legal reasons
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Computerized means of gathering, documenting, and storing information about the patient and the care recived in the medical setting
Inactive Records A medical record or a patient who has not been seen by the physician with in the time period determined by the office policy.
Medical Record The source of all documentation relating to the patient.
Microfiche Sheets of microfilm
Numeric Filing A patient identification syestem that assigns a number to each parient's medical record, which is filed numerically
POMR Problem Oriented Medical Record- Identify patient problems and chart by those problems
SOMR Source Oriented Medical Record- Commonly utillzed in medical clinics
SOAP Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan- A system used for charting medical records
Terminal Digit Filing Based on the last digits of the ID number, evenly distributes the files within the entire filing system
American With Disabilites Act Legislation to protect the rights of the disabled regarding access to employment public bulidings, transportation, housing, schools, and health care facilities
Capital Equipment Refers to items that require a largedollar amount to purchase and have a relatively long life
Extended Warranty Can be purchased to cover some period of time after the warranty has expire
Depreciation A loss in value of the product resulting from normal aging, use, or deterioration
Expendable Supplies Items that are used up quickly and ave a relatively inexpensive unit cost
Inventory Detail and maintain of all the physical assets, or capital equipment, in an office
Morale Positive or negatve state of mind of employees with relationship to their work or work enviroment
Office Flow Medical facility generally had a flow that leads itself easily to teamwork, time management, organized and efficient office equipment usage, and patient flow
Warranty A manufacturer's guarantee in writing that its product will perform corectly under nomal conditions of use
Colleagues Fellow members of the profession
Discriminatory Prejudicial treatment
Grievance (complaint) pricess
Itinerary Travel plan, obtain all of the flight, hotel, car rental, and meeting or engagement info
Probationary Period The first 3 months (90 days)
Seniority Status gained by being te individual who has worked for the physician the longest
Democratic Leader Will concentrate more on the relations among staff members and will emphasize teamwork within the office
Ankyloglossia Partial or complex fusion of the tongue to the floor
Bruxism Unconscious habit of grinding the teeth
Cementum Hard calcified tissue that covers the anatomic root of a tooth
Cheilitis Inflammation of the lips
Complex Cavities Involve three or ore surfaces of a tooth
Compound Cavities Involve two surfsces of a tooth
Dental Caries Holes or decayed portons of the tooth
Crown Top part of anything; any structure like a crown
Dentalgia A toothache or pain in the tooth
Gingivitis Inflammation of the gums
Incisor Located at the front of the mouth and have a sharp edge that is usd for biting
Gingival Of or pertaining of the soft tissues of the gum and the tooth
Alternative Benefit Provision (ABP) Provision determines the level of care/ treatment tha can be provided under the plan
Basic Dental Plan Pays dental benefits at 100% of either the UCR or a scheduled amount
Dental Relaive Value Study Scheme used to determine how much a provider should be paid by assessing a unit value to each CDT code
Incentive Plans Encourage regular dental care, thus decreasing the possibility that minor problem will remain untreated until it becoes a major problem
Missing and Unreplaced Rule Limits coverage for the replacement of teeth that are lost before the patient was covered by the plan
Scheduled Dental Plan Usually no conversation factors are involved
Prosthetics Pertaning to prostheses
Predetermination Encourages the insured to take an active part in containing the cost of his or her dental care while giving the insured a basis for determing whether the recommended treatment is appropriate
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