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Health Miderm


drug substance other than food that alters the way the body or mind functions.
hypnotic a drug that produces drowsiness or sleep.
sedative drug that has a calming effect on a persons behavior.
snorting sniffing drugs through the nose.
skin patch patch worn on the body that contains a drug that is absorbed through the skin.
suppository wax-coated form of a drug inserted through the anus.
buccal absorption absorption of a drug between the cheek and gum.
sublingual absorption absorption of a drug when it is placed under the tongue.
dose amount of the drug that is taken at one time.
medicine drug used to treat, prevent, or diagnose illness.
prescription drug medicine that can be obtained only with a prescription.
prescription written order from a physician or other licensed health professional.
brand-name drug drug with a registered name or trademark given to a drug by a pharmaceutical company.
generic-name drug drug that contains the same addictive ingredients as a brand-name drug.
over-the-counter (OTC) drug drug that can be purchased without a prescription.
side effect unwanted body change that is not related to the main purpose of the drug.
nicotine stimulant drug found in tobacco.
tobacco plant that contains nicotine.
clove cigarette cigarette that has a mixture of ground cloves and tobacco.
eugenol chemical that numbs the back of the throat and reduces the ability to cough.
snuff tobacco product made from powdered tobacco leaves and stems that is snorted.
nicotine withdrawal syndrome body's reaction to quitting tobacco products.
carcinogen chemical that is known to cause cancer.
tar sticky, thick fluid that is formed when tobacco is burned.
carbon monoxide an odorless, tasteless gas.
COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) disease that interferes with breathing.
emphysema condition where alveoli loose most of their ability to function.
heart attack death of cardiac muscle caused by loss of blood flow.
asthma condition in which the bronchial tubes become inflamed and construct.
aortic aneurysm bulging in the aorta
secondhand smoke exhaled smoke and sidestream smoke.
environmental tobacco exhaled smoke and sidesteam smoke.
sidestream smoke smoke that enters the air from a burning cigarette, cigar, or pipe.
mainstream smoke smoke that is inhaled into the smoker's mouth and lung.
leukoplakia abnormal cells in the mouth that appear as white patches of tissue.
Arrhythmia a heart condition in which the heart may beat very slowly or very fast for no obvious reason
Pacemaker device that is implanted in the heart to stimulate normal heart conditions.
Heart Attack death of cardiac muscle caused by lack of blood flow to the heart
Myocardial Infaraction medical term for heart attack
Rheumatic Fever auto-immune action in the heart that can cause fever, weakness, and damage to the valves in the heart
Rheumatic Heart disease permanent heart damage that results from rheumatic fever
Stroke Or Cerebrovascular accident a condition caused by a blocked or broken blood vessel in the brain
Aneurysm a weakened area of a blood vessel
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors characteristics of people and ways they might behave that increses the possibility of cardiovascular disease
premature heart attack heart attack that occurs before age 55 in males and 65 in females
Choleterol a fat like substance nade by the body and found in certain foods
Lipoprotein analysis a measure of two main types of lipoprotein in the blood
Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) substance in the blood that carry cholesterol to body cells
High Density Lipoprotein substance in the blood that carry cholesterol to the liver for break-down and excretion
Saturated Fat a type of fat from dairy products, solid vegetable fat, and meat and poultry
Heart-healthy diet low-fat diet rich in fruits, vegetales, whole grains, none-fat and low-fat milkproducts, lean meats, poultry and fish, sugars, sweets, fats and oils are limited
Antioxidant substance that produces cells from being damaged by oxidation
High Blood Pressure blood pressure of 140/90 mm
Antihypertensives drugs that lower hypertension or high blood pressure
Stress Management Skills Techniques to prevent and deal with stressors and to protect one's health from the harmful effects produced by the stress response.
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