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Q&A CMA CH 10 Lab

Ch 10 Laboratory Procedures

Pregnancy tests detect pregnancy by the presence in either urine or serum of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone (hCG is produced by the placenta and therefore provides evidence of pregnancy).
Confirmatory (alternative) testing is performed on samples to increase the medical assistant's confidence that the result of a test is correct. Which of the following is NOT a correct statement about confirmatory tests? confirmatory testing would not be done when the same results are normal
A test to determine the ability of the kidneys to concentrate or dilute urine, according to the needs of the body, measures specific gravity (the average normal range of specific gravity is 1.010 to 1.025).
In routine urinalysis, all of the following are physical properties of the urine EXCEPT sediment (color, appearance, specific gravity, odor, and turbitity are the characteristics of urine).
The range of the volume of urine voided by an adult during a 24-hour period is 750-2000 mL
Clinitest is a test to detect glucosuria
In performing a venipuncture, the medical assistant should not leave the tourniquet on the patient's arm, without releasing it, for longer than 60 seconds
Due to excess lipids in the blood, turbid (lipemic) serum appears cloudy and milky
If a blood sample is collected in a serum seperator gel tube, the medical assistant generally should allow a clot to form for what period of minute(s) before centrifuging? 30 minutes
In quantative measurement of urobilinogen, the type of urine specimen required is a 2 hour volume specimen
The organ in the body responsible for the production of insulin is the pancreas
the storage form of glucose in the liver is glycogen
A glucose tolerance test (GTT) measures the response of the sudden intake of glucose. The highest blood glucose reading for a normal person during the GTT will occur 30-60 minutes after the test starts
The blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test is a blood test used to assess the function of the kidneys
High plasma cholesterol levels may be associated with which of the following artherosclerosis
In structure form, cocci bacteria are found in which of the following shapes? spherical
Which procedure is inappropriate when performing venipunctures? release the tourniquet after withdrawing the needle
When doing a differential white cell count, the normal range of eosinophils is 1-3%
A term indicating that a disease has become widespread in a population and has increased in territory is Pandemic
The invasion of the body by any pathogenic organism is called infection
Which of the following diseases is a fungus? dermatophytosis (e.g., athlete's foot)
The smallest of the microorganisms are the viruses
Cocci occuring in pairs are diplococci
Cocci occurring in chains are streptococci
Which federal regulation for the clinic laboratory specifies guidelines for quality control, quality assurance, adequate record keeping, and qualified personnel? CLIA '88
Viruses differ from bacteria in that they have either DNA or RNA
Which federal agency overseea the safety of health facilities including protection against occupational exposure to hepatitis B virus and human immunodeficiency virus? OSHA
The term used to indicate that two or more organisms are living together is symbiosis
A term applied to bacteria that can adapt to an enviroment with or without oxygen is facultative
Diseases that occur when the body apparently fails to recognize its own constituents and begins to produce antibodies to fight them are called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
Direct contact, droplets, and fomites are ways which viruses are transmitted to cause influenza
Most rickettsial diseases are transmitted by insects and ticks
The disease of Coccidioidomycosis is commonly called San Joaquin fever
An example of a pathogenic fungus that a medical assistant may see in a physican's office is ringworm
Which temperature scale is used in the medical laboratory because it has smaller units and is easier to calculate? centigrade or Celsius scale
The test in microbiology or bacteriology that checks the susceptibility of an organism to specific antibiotics is the sensitivity test
The Mantoux test is used to screen for pathogenic acid-fast organism, which causes pneumonia and hepatitis
A persistent viral infection in which the symptoms come and go is called a/an latent infection
Which of the followingis considered to be a CORRECT safety rule in the medical laboratory? hands should be washed frequently and thoroughly
The stain most used to identify and study bacteria is the Gram stain
Glucose meters are used in a physician's office laboratory and the home to monitor blood glucose levels. Which of the following equipment would NOT be necessary to perform a blood glucose meter? distilled water
The normal range for a prothrombin time test is 11-13 seconds
Which of the following radiographs (x-ray exams) would produce numerous cross-sectional images of a body part? the CAT scan also known as computed tomography
The procedure that provides an image of a developing fetus thereby reveals the sex is ultrasonography
A contrast media often used in radiographic diagnostic procedures of the gastric tract is barium sulfate
The "chain of custody" referred to in drug testing in the work place is a pre-employment drug screen program
Which of the following diagnostic radiology machines does not use x-ray or ionizing radiation of any kind? magnetic resonance imaging
Which of the following statements about occult (hidden) blood in urine is FALSE? if the urine sediment turns the regent test strip block white, the test is positive for occult blood
The presence of numerous leukocytes in the urine during microscopic examination is referred to as pyuria
On the N-Multistix 10 SG, most tests can be read In less than two minutes
In a reagent dipstick test for ketone bodies in the urine, the largest amounts are represented by an intensified maroon color
If a urine specimen is to be sent to a laboratory for a bacteriologic culture, a female patient should be instructed to collect a specimen midstream in a sterile bottle
The best urine sample to use for pregnancy test is a first morning specimen
Ictotest is a tablet used to diagnose liver function
Epithelial cells are reported as The number per high-power field
An Addis count is done to determine a patient's urinary output of formed elements for 12 hours
A wound culture would be obtained to identify which of the following? any of the above (strep bacteria, staph bacteria, Gram-negative organisms, or other pathogens
X-rays may be potentially dangerous to employees in a physician's office where they are taken because the effect of radiation is cumulative
The most effective way of being certain that indidviuals employed in a pysician's office are not receiving dangerous amounts of radiation is to subscribe to a film badge service
Specimens colleceted for drug or alcohol analysis should be accompanied by all of the above (purpose of test, collector's name, site of collection/date/time, pertinent comments about specimen)
The direct roentgen (x-ray) beam comes from the x-ray tube
Secondary radiation is emitted by the patient being filmed
Which of the following is not used in collecting sputum for cultures? palpatation
A radiograph is a/an permanent record of an x-ray image
A patient is scheduled for a retrograde pyelogram. The contrast medium will be administered directly
A patient has been scheduled for an intravenous pyleogram (IVP) on a Tuesday morning. The medical assistant's instructions to the patient about diet for the preceding evening should be to eat a light meal with nothing after 9:00pm
A patient has been scheduled for a cholecystogram. This is an examination of the gallbladder
A patient who is having an upper gastrointestinal (GI) series will drink a suspension of barium sulfate
The system of scientific measurement used in medical laboratories is the metric system
Which of the following is not a compnent of blood? epithilial cells
When a patient is placed in an AP (anteroposterior) position for radiography, the anterior (front of the body) is facing the tube
The fragments of blood smears or in blood dilutions in order to predict the body's ability to clot are platelets
Which of the following tests would not be performed on an automated hematology instrument? Ivy (template) bleeding time
When you perform a chemical urinalysis test using a reagent strip, which one of the following tests would you expect to read positive? urobilinogen
A blood cell that is very large with a nucleus that may be oval, indented, or horseshoe-shaped is a/an monocyte
In a differential smear, platelets appear as very small azure-blue bodies when stained with Wright's stain
RBC pipettes are made so that if blood is drawn tp the 0.5 mark and diluted to the 101 mark, the dilution will be 1:200
A hemocytometer is counting chamber used to count cells microscopically. The total area on one side of the hemocytometer is 9mm^2
If you performed a white blood cell count using a hemocytometer and the average cell count was 120, the dilution was 1:20, and the area counted was 4 mm^2, what would be reported as the answer? 6000 WBC/mm^3
The normal WBCs per cubic millimeter for both men and women is 4500-11,000
Automated blood cell counters are now commonly used not only in hospitals but also in physicians' offices. Which one of the following statements about automated instruments is FALSE? they count fewer numbers of cells
A fibrometer is an automated analyzer that is used to perform coagulation determinations using clot formation
The normal RBC count for men, reported as millions of cells per cubic millimeter, is 4.5-6.0
A complete blood cell count (CBC) consists of all of the following when capillary blood is used EXCEPT erythrocyte sedimentation rate (sed rate)
On long standing, urine becomes alkaline (basic)
Usually the most concentrated urine (greatest specific gravity) is voided first thing in the morning
A 2-hour postpradial urine specimen is commonly ordered by the physician when he or she is particularly interested in knowing the results for glucose
If a urine specimen is not collected properly, blood might be found as a contaminant in the specimen of women who are menstruating
Normal urine has a PH range of 4.5-8.0
The normal specific gravity of urine usually ranges between 1.010-1.025
The weight of a given volume of a substance divided by the weight of the same volume of water is the formula for specific gravity
For the highest possible magnification, the 100X oil immersion lens is used with an eyepiece (ocular) that gives a magnification of 10X. This allows the medical assistant to see an object 1,000 time its actual size
Which of the following procedures represents proper handling or care of the microscope? clean all excess oil from the oil immersion objective with lens paper
When a microscopic slide is to be examined, the field is found by lowering the lower power objective using the course adjustment
For microscopic examination, slides are placed on the stage
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued recommendations known as Universal Precautions for the prevention of such diseases as AIDS and hepatitis
From what are of the respiratory tract should sputum be collected lungs
For examination of a stool specimen for occult blood, the specimen need not be kept warm or examined immediately
Papanicolaou smears are specimens of cells which are analyzed to detect cancer of the cervix
Normal bleeding time using Duke's method is 1-3 minutes
In making a fincure puncture, a medical assistant should be careful to avoid squeezing the puncture to encourage bleeding
An example of Gram-negative organism is Neisseria gonorrhoeae
An example of Gram- positive organism is Staphylococcus
A glucometer is designed to give readings of blood glucose values
Expressed in terms of mm/hour, the normal range of Westergren erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) for men older than 50 is 0-20
The average range of hemoglobin values for women, expressed as g/100 mL, is 12.5-15
In a differential white blood count cell count, basophils and eosinophils may average less than 5%
In a differential white blood cell counts of adults, lymphocytes may average 60-80%
In a normal differential WBC count, neutrophils average approximately 50-70%
The normal hemocratic reading for men is approximately 40-52%
Which of the following may result in accidental needle sticks to the medical assistant? careful recap needles before disposal
One of the recommended AIDS-related precautions for medical assistant is to disinfect work surfaces and equipment with sodium hypochlorite (household bleach)
The(CDC) has developed guidelines recognizing the infectious potential of any patient specimen. Which of the following guidelines provides the single greatest protection against AIDS and other bloodborne pathogens? isolate each biological specimen from the worker
A quality control program in a laboratory ensures the reliability of the tests and their results. Which of the following would cause errors in a quality control program? the quality control program should be posted weekly
Levy-Jennings charts are used in the laboratory to make easy comparisons of tests controls in order to have better quality contril
Blood serum may be seperated from the blood cells by centrifugation
Plasma is always collected in green-top tubes
When performing a venipuncture, all tubes containing an anticoagulant or preservative should be allowed to fill to exhaustionof the vacuum
To inform and prepare a patient for a fasting glucose determination,the medical assistant should instruct the patient to fast 8-12 hours
To perform a venipuncture, the medical assistant should All of the above (swab the site with alcohol, stand in front of the patient, penetrate the skin about 1/4 inch below the point where the vein will be entered, and enter the skin and vein with the needle at a 15-degree angle
The medical assistant who prepares blood smears keep the spreader slide at a 35- to 40-degree angle, place one-half of a drop about 1/2 to 3/4 inch from end of the slide, bring spreader slide back into the drop to start the smear
Which of the following factors must be included when calculating a blood cell count that has performed using the Unopette and hemocytometer? number of cells counted, the area counted, dilution factor, and depth of the fluid on th hemacytometer
Which of the following blood parameters is performed with a colorimeter within an automatic blood cell counter white cell differential
Pycisians often order a clinical laboratory panel or profile on a patient when they are checking a particular body organ or system. which of the following is NOT a common profile study ordered by the physician? diabetic screening
Which venipuncture type is preferred to obtain blood from patients who are hard to stick? the butterfly method
The reagant strip method for occult blood in urine is measuring amounts of intact red blood cells and free hemoglobin
The part(s) of the microscope resonsible for regulating the light that strikes the object are the condenser and iris diaphram
Agglutination test kits used to detect the presence of heterophil antibodies that are found in plasma or serum of patients with infectious mononucleosis (IM) contain the following slides, reagents, positive control, and negative control.
Which of the following tests are used to diagnose the disease syphilis? VDRL
To determine the specific gravity of a urine sample in a pysician's office, a medical assistant might use which of the following? The falling drop method
A good blood cell differential smear includes which of the following? making a feathered edge
Which of the following written instructions will NOT be given to patients for 24-hour urine collections? add one-fourth of a cup of bleach to the container as a preservative
Which instruction to a female patient for a clean-catch specimen is correct. collect a first urine
The following criteria must be met to obtain reliable pregnancy tets results EXCEPT at least 60 days must have passed since the beginning of the patient's last menstrual period for a positive result
If a urine sample is permitted to stand for a period longer than 1 hour at room temperature without a preservative, which of the following will NOT occur? glucose levels may increase
The diagnostic ultrasound uses vary high frequentcy inaudible sound waves that bounce off the body to record information on the structure of internal organs. The record produced is called a/an sonogram or echogram
Which of the following laboratory tests indicates the need for immediate action (an action value)? high protein level in a urine specimen
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