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ap marieb ch23 pt3

Anat and phys Marieb chap 23 digestive system part 3

The pancreatic islets secrete ____ and _____ insulin, glucagon
________ secrete pancreatic juice acini
_________ of secretory cells contain digestive enzumes zymogen granules
_____ ______ and _______ are secreted in active form but require ions or bile for optimal activity amylase, lipases, nucleases
______ is secreted by the pancreas in inactive form proteases
________ is activated by _____ by brush border enzyme ________ trypsinogen, trypsin, enteropeptidase
Procarboxypeptidase and chymotrypsinogen are activated by _____ trypsin
Gallbladder contraction is stimulated by _____ CKK from intestinal cells and vagal stimulation
CCK causes the _________ sphincter to relax hepatopancreatic
CCK induces the secretion of enzyme rich pancreatic juice by ____ acini
___________ causes secretion of bicarbonate-rich pancreatic juice by duct cells Secretin
Chyme from the stomach contains ________ and _____ partially digested carbohydrates and proteins and undigested fats
Paristalsis is initiated by _______ in the late intestinal phase motilin
_______ sensory neurons may activate the myenteric pexus causing contraction of the circular muscle proximally and the longitudinal muscle distally cholinergic
_____ increases the motility of the ileum gastrin
______ are three bands of longitudinal smooth muscle in the muscularis teniae coli
_______ are pocketlike sacs caused by the tone of the teniae coli haustra
_______ are fat-filled pouches of visceral peritoneum Epiploic appendages
Name the regions of the large intestine cecum, colon, rectum, anal canal
The ______ and _______ are anchored via mesocolons transverse colon, sigmoid colon
Internal anal sphincter is made of ______ smooth muscle
External anal sphincter is made of ______ skeletal muscle
Mucosa of the large intestine are made of ______ epithelium simple columnar
The large intestine is abundant with ______ with _____ deep crypts, goblet cells
_______ ferment indigestible carbs and synthesize b complex vitamins and vitamin K Bacterial flora
Vitamins, water, and electrolytes are reclaimed in the _______ large intestine
_____ sequentially contract in response to distension in the large intestine Haustra
________ is initiated by presence of food in the stomach Gastrocolic reflex
The _______ activates three to four slow powerful peristaltic waves per day in the colon (mass movements) gastrocolic reflex
Name three types of chemical digestion catabolic, enzymatic, hydrolysis
Name some digestive enzymes Salivary amylase, pancreatic amylase, and brush border enzymes (dextrinase, glucoamylase, lactase, maltase, and sucrase)
Carbohydrates enter the capillary beds in the villi and are transported to the liver via the ______ hepatic portal vein
Name three pancreatic proteases enzymes Trypsin, chymotrypsin, and carboxypeptidase
Name three brush border enzymes Aminopeptidases, carboxypeptidases, and dipeptidases
Lipids are pretreated by ______ and _____ enzymes bile salts, pancreatic lipase
Absorption of _____ and _____ are absorbed into the capillary blood in villi and transported via the hepatic portal vein glycerol, short fatty acids
Absorption of _____ and ______ cluster with bile salts and lecithin to form micelles monoglycerides, fatty acids
Monoglycerides and fatty acids are released by _____ to diffuse into epithelial cells micelles
Monoglycerides and fatty acids combine with proteins to form ______ chylomicrons
Nucleic Acids are digested by the enzymes ______ and ______ Pancreatic ribonuclease and deoxyribonuclease
Nucleic acids are absorbed via _______ active transport
Name four fat soluble vitamins A D E K
Fat soluble vitamins are carried by ______ micelles
Name 2 water soluble vitamins C B
Vitamin B12 binds with _____ and is absorbed by _____ intrinsic factor, endocytosis
Iron and calcium are absorbed in the _______ duodenum
Ionic iron is stored in mucosal cells with ______ ferritin
_____ of water is is absorbed in the small intestine by osmosis 95%
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