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Drug Actions Farias

heartburn, esophageal stricture, hemorrhage, hoarseness, pneumonia GERD
enlarge esophogaus, dysphagia, regurge, chestpain, wieght loss, mucosal rupture/ulceration, putrid materia, aspiration pneumonia esophogeal achalasia
chronic, gnawing, burning ab/chest pain, GI bleeding, acute massive hemorrage, perforation, infection, obstruction ulcer disease
N/V, Bloating, constipation/diarrhea, bacterial overgrowht, blood glucose, weight loss, bezoars gastroparesis
discomfort after eating to severe pain, jaundice cholelithiasis
inflammation, infection sepsis cholecystitis
dehydratio, malnutrition, weight loss, fatigue diarrhea
Osmotic D. Malabsorptive nutrients/electrolytes, retain water
secretory increase rate of fluid out of epith. into lumen
inglammatory loss of mucus, blood, protein, cytokeine release
host immune response to GI antigens, t and B cells disrupt, ulcerations/inflammation of entire bowl, perforation, fistula, abscess, SI, bleeding, cancer, protein losing enteropathy, disorder skin eye mucus, arthritis, nephrolithiasis, thromboembolic dis, IBD-Crohns
rare-preforation, obstuction, fistula, bleeding, prostein losing enterpathy, higher risk of carcinoma IBD-ulcerative colitis
refined food, muscose and submucosa herniate diverticular disease
diverticulosis initial stage, chronic constipations, ab. pain, flatulence, sigmoid colon, abnormal colon wall
diverticular bleeding blood in stool, painless, no inflammation
diverticulitis focal area inflammation, ab. pain, fever, risk of sbscess, perfoartion, fistula, intestineal obstruction.
decreased solubility, increase precip. of uring substnace, dehydration, high protein diet, HTN, infection renal stones
pain in kidney, distension, anuria, azotemia, hematuria, renal damage, HTN, infection or abscess renal stones
abrupt hematuria, proteinuria, Dec. GFR, water/salt retention acute glomerulonephritis
complete renal failure in weeks rapidly professive glomerulonephritis
acute flomerulonephritis to chronic chronic glomerulonephritis
nephrotic syndrome proteinuria, albunimura, edema, hyperlipidema
acute Glom. immune mediated attackw ith deposition of immunocomplexes and complement in capillaries
rapidly progressive glom. extracapillary proliferation with gaps in basement membrane
chronic glomerul. sclerosis, subepithelial protein deposits and cell. proliferation
nephrotic syndrome no cellular infiltrate of inflammation, antigen-ab in basement membrane
renal stones, heart failure, glomerulonephritis, nevrosis, hypovolemia, septis acute renal failure
fatigue, malaise, peripheral edema, dyspnea, dec. FG, increased BUN, urine not conc., NA retention, azotemia, orthopnea, rales acture renal failure
DM, glomerulonephristis, HTN, infeciton PKD, Obstruction Chronic renal failure
loss of nephron function, uremia, renal hormones change, fluid shifts chronic renal failure
hyperalekemia, anemia, clotting abnormaliites, CV and pul. dysfunction, osteomalacia and osteoporosis, metabolic acidosis, CHF, Edema Chronic renal failure
biliubin, nutrients, drugs, foreign substances hepatic portal vien (to liver)
bilirubine metabolic hormones and drugs, nutrients hepatic artery (to liver)
bile salts, bilirubin, water, ions, phospholipids bile duct (away liver)
glucose, plasma proteins, urea, D3, somatomedins, metabolites hepatic veing (away liver)
glucose, fat, protein synthesis, urea production, detox, storage liver
acute, stool, fecal, oral, sex, abrupt onset, antibiotics against reinfection, vac. kills hepatocytes hep. A viral
Hep. B viral acute, 6%chronich, blood, sex, insiduious, vaccine
hep C viral acute, 70-80% chronic, blood
Hep. D Viral acute, chronic, HBV coinfection, blood, sex, high mortality, insidious onset
hep e viral acute, stool, oral, most severe acute
acute hep hepatocyte infection, inflammatory response, heptatocyte degeneration/necrosis, kupfer cells, cholestasis with bile plug, hepatic loss 1-5%,
acute hep. viral prodrome icteric, convalescent
prodrome fever, malaise, fatigue, N/V, anoreaxia, ab. pain, HA, cough, skin, myalgia, arthralgia
icteric improve prodome ex. ab. pain, splenomegaly, jaundic, light poo, dark urin, eccchymoses, encephalopathy, renal dysfunction
convalescent normal except liver tests
acute: toxic similar to viral
acetominophen CYP-iNOS activaiton-apoptosis,
chronic hepatitis viral, drugs, genetic (antitrypsin), immune
chronic hepatitis little or no fibrosis, anorexia, fatigue, malaise, RUQ ab. pain, jaundice, hepatomegaly, cirrhosis
cirrhosis fibrosis, protal hypertension, scaring, regenerative nodules
cirrhosis ascites, h. encephalopathy, gastroesophageal varices, feminization, coagulopathy, hepatorenal syndrom, hypoalbuminemia, peripheral edema, bac. peritonitis, splenomegaly, spider angioma
Created by: Alexia4